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LG Optimus Me Mobile Review

This is a guest post from Simon about the advantages of LG Optimus Me.

The Optimus Me is an affordable alternative to LG's other Optimus handsets, such as the Optimus 2X and Optimus Black, and looks set to be the most affordable Android smartphone released in this half of 2011. Running on Android Froyo the Optimus Me comes with an impressive array of entertainment and messaging features to offer a similar high quality experience found on its more high profile counterparts.

With a 2.8" touchscreen the Optimus Me is smaller than most other Optimus phones and most touchscreen handsets in general. This is ideal for people looking for a touchscreen phone but not too keen on the many oversized handsets that are a burden on pockets. While the screen may be of a smaller size it is still roomy enough to enjoy video content and put good use of the web features available.

Wi-Fi and 3G are both available with this handset so that you can get online whenever you need to, and with YouTub…

Preview of google Chrome Operating System -not a regular OS

This is a guest post written by Nithin V.G, a tech enthusiast holds Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications from India. In this article he shares his expectations about Google Chrome OS with us.

.......ok at start of 2009 it was stripped down computers and net-tops,making its mark in the markets around the world.Now with google chrome os,i have to say the Trent has been shifted to the software side.its not a bad thing,its just a way of reinventing our present technology and re-prioritizing our resource management.Google previewed Chrome OS, its new operating system based on Linux and the Chrome browser recently. Things are still pretty early -- it's not even in beta yet... but i have to say google has introduced a new concept instead of a regular OS(no worries for MS).But i guess we have to wait and see how things turn out,(well its google they always pull the rabbit out).... Linux (according to me)even though a great os lacked direction and really hope google provi…