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How Much Bandwidth Do You Really Need?

This is a guest post by Jake about the normal bandwidth a user really needs.By definition, bandwidth is the measure of data volume that is transmitted over an internet connection. However, actual bandwidth measure depends on a lot of things and there are different ways to determine how much bandwidth is used. With the evolution of the internet, smaller businesses can take advantage of products and services that were previously only available to bigger companies. For example, Aptela VoIP service, delivered via the Internet, gives any size business a quality broadband connection. For this reason, you need to understand your bandwidth requirements before you can determine your bandwidth needs.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The truth is, unlimited bandwidth is impossible and any hosting company who offers this is setting a trap. Since there are no broadband companies that offer unlimited bandwidth connections, it is impossible that the web hosting companies using them would be able to provide unlimi…

Hacking Comes of Age

This is a guest post by Izzy.The recent sting operation that took down the group of fake companies that used a Conficker worm to steal $72 million US from consumers brought computer hacking back into the spotlight in a big way. Identity theft had been the focus of the majority of computer-related security reporting since the mid-2000s, so it was interesting to hear about a case of relatively “Old School” hacking succeeding to such a large degree. Though the group did steal client information, their way into the client’s accounts was a fairly simple one. In fact, the Conficker used had been around for almost three years, but it was never used to such an incredible degree, or with so much success.

Hacking in a Nutshell

Computer users everywhere understand that having your computer hacked is not a welcome action. Hacking is, in essence, the act of altering computer and software so that it functions differently from the way it was intended. Just as diaries, notebooks, and photo albums…

Key Concepts in Computer Networking

This is a guest post by Alia Haley about key concepts in computer networking. A computer network is pretty much a network of interconnected computers that are connected to each other and their main purpose is to share information between one computer to the next. Each of the devices in the network can be considered as separate nodes, each node having a unique address. One of the most important features of computer networks is resource sharing. The key concepts in networking are given below.

1. Protocols

Every network follows a set of rules or standards that govern the communication between two or more computers connected to that network. Such a set of rules is known as a protocol. SMTP is a protocol used for transfer of e-mails and other text messages over the internet. FTP is used for transferring files. TELNET is used for operating remote terminal sessions. There are many other protocols like HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP.

2. Hierarchy of networks

LAN, MAN and WAN form the hierarchy of netw…

Why You Are Wasting Time Downloading?

This is a guest post about Usenet from Jared Scott.

We have little time in life to waste. Between our busy jobs, hobbies, and social lives, we are in a constant rush.

This is not acceptable!

Whenever I can find any time saving tip I immediately jump at the opportunity to save even the smallest amount I can. I recently bought a new electric toothbrush simply because the advertisement told me I could shave minutes off of my brushing time each day. Let’s face it. We would rather spend our time doing things we want to do, not things we have to do. Any time we save can be spent doing something else we love doing.

Time is precious

The time you spend online is just as precious. As much time as we consume online these days we don’t have any to waste on inconveniences. Slow computers and internet connections are frustrating, yet are usually a necessary evil. Speeding up my internet connection speed is something I am obsessed with. I use the fastest browser (Google Chrome I think), constantly de…