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Discover 5 Easy Ways to Make Money with Blog

This is a guest post by Crystal J. Briscoe about five easy ways to generate money from your blog.Blogging has become a good way of earning money. Today several people have started created their blogs for making money online. It is an easier way of making cash by following different procedures that would help in running your business. Today business owners prefer blogging that helps them making a good deal of money. To gain success there is a need to follow certain principles that would help in increasing your sales. Before staring blogging first decide how you could make cash from your blogs. Create some new ideas to implement to start a blog. Set your income goals beforehand.

Easy ways of making money with blog:

1. Writing Reviews of the products:

• Products reviews are a best way to make money. Every day thousands of products are launched in the market. Due to increase competition companies wants to sell their products. So, you can take part in affiliating marketing of thousands of p…

The Last OS Reinstallation You'll Ever Need

This is a guest post by Jane Smith. I grew up on Windows operating systems (OS) my whole life, so I know all the trials and tribulations that can come with the Windows experience. Over time, the operating system will appear to slow down and deteriorate as you install more programs, drivers, and have more background processes running. There are ways to clean up your current OS and limit running processes, but I find these steps to be tedious and nerve-racking. For me, I would rather reinstall my OS than slim down processes and troubleshoot drivers.

This mentality has caused me to reinstall my OS a good number of times. Even on Windows 7, the supposed godsend of Windows, I've had to reinstall the OS more times than I'd like to admit (keep in mind, I demand a lot from my OS). The most embarrassing aspect of my chronic OS reinstallation habits is that, with all Windows 7 features at my call, I didn't need to reinstall my OS ever.

How Save States Work

A save state will essential…

5 Easy, Basic Ways to Protect Your Computer

This is a guest article by Laura Backes about five basic ways to protect our computers.Keeping your computer protected is important to you and your personal information. To avoid computer viruses, crashes and identify theft keep these five basic tips in mind when keeping your computer safe:

Your Firewalls:
Firewalls aid inguarding your computer from possible hackers from stealing your information; hackers also have the capabilities to delete, change things as well as crash your computer. Most at home computers you buy come with this capability. If it does not, you can always purchase it individually. To check to see if your firewall is on, check out your taskbar in the bottom right hand corner or open the Windows Security Center to find out.

Your Antivirus:
Antivirus software is a program intended to stop damaging software programs from attacking your computer and starting viruses. Most likely your computer came with a trial program, like Norton. Once the trial has expired, be sure to r…