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7 Simple Ways to minimize Shopping Cart Desertion

This is a guest post by Crystal J. Briscoe about seven simple steps to minimize Shopping Cart Desertion. Shopping cart deserting? If it is, are you taking initiatives to avoid it? Surely you are. But are you sure you’re doing the right thing? Well here are some tips that will avoid your shopping cart desertion.

1. Make Your Store User Friendly

The end of shopping cart desertion is what you want. Along with it, the ease of customer is what you should want. Your store should be user friendly.

2. Technology Is What That Matters

Develop a good website. Sitemap should be clear. Keep a check on what the customers are buying. Ensure that whatever the customer is putting into his basket, he shall be able to view it again. Make icons which will continuously show him what is going in his basket and what is he dropping out.

3. Display Stock Count

To avoid any hassle, you should always continuously show the amount left in your stock so that the customer shall have a clear picture of what he can buy and in what quantity.

4. Give Relaxation To Your Customers

You might not agree to this, but seriously, at least for some time you should try this too. Customers shall be able to change sizes, colors or the quantity of the products until the complete their shopping.

5. Give Discounts

Tell your customers how easy and beneficial it is when they are shopping from an online store. Just display a single line that defines a complete meaning of the advantage of shopping from your store. You may go like this: That the product costs $30 in the market, you are giving it for $25! And provide multiple payment options. Give your customers with the best and the most feasible options! Don’t restrict them to pay via a particular payment option. Expand the payment options in order to ease your customers.

6. Mistakes You Do? Track them

Along with all the best that you can give your customers, track what your mistakes are. For this, you may need to develop a system that will keep you notified of the possible errors which you can rectify. Through calling options, you can make it sure to your customer that you’ll be available on call in case any problem erupts. That would be a strong initiative to stop the desertion.

7. Ensure Regularity Of New Customers

You might not need to do too much to grasp your old customers, they’re going to come to you anyway but what is it that you can do to make your new customers regular? Make the registration and log-in process easier for them. Let it not become an obstacle between you and your new customers. Moreover, be careful about return and exchange policies. This is something where you need to be crystal clear to your customers whether be the new or old. This must be mentioned on each and every page so that afterwards the customer may not complain that he did not see it on the product’s page.

Author Bio

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