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How Come Flash Did Not Work Out for Mobile Phones?

The long debate of having mobile devices support the Adobe Flash plug-in is already over. An announcement that was leaked from Adobe had people reeling over the news that the company will now be abandoning its Flash project for mobile phones. Since Adobe has long been struggling to improve their performance, it is not a big surprise for many critics especially since HTML5 is starting to gain popularity.

Adobe’s announcement stated that their work with Flash through mobile phones in the future would be to enable Flash developers to program native apps using Adobe AIR in all the major app stores. No longer will they adapt the Flash Player for the mobile devices to new OS versions, device configurations and browsers.

The company will be refocusing its efforts instead on desktop content and mobile apps as well as contribute to HTML5. Adobe saw great opportunity for HTML5. Aside from that, they saw some reasons why they have changed their route regarding mobile Flash.

Results were not impre…

Top Security Topics Regarding Cloud Computing

In the modern scenario lots of the interaction tools have developed thus the computing has also changed with the time. The cloud computing Is the new addition in that scenario. Here the end user will get the cloud base access on applications via browser. The providers always strive to provide the similar or better services with enhanced performance as the software is installed locally at the end user desktop.

It is the broader concept as it is seem. This kind of software and data centre allows the applications to work faster without difficulty in managing and low maintenance. It is more useful for the IT resources as to meet the unpredictable and un expected demands of the IT business.

Cloud security

It is the secure set of protocols and technologies which protect the data stored with their integrity in computing. It’s not the same as the traditional security system for the computers. It gives emphasis on the issues regarding the privacy and management of them.

Understanding the cloud c…

5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The popularity of cloud computing in recent years can be attributed to many things. The ability for many users to share resources is certainly one of them, by doing so a group of users can leverage the participation of multiple users into significant cost savings. One of the many aspects of cloud computing is that of cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is the use of multiple servers that are all connected together. These connected servers are cumulatively referred to as a cloud. Sites on the servers may use resources from any or even all of the servers in the cloud.

The concept of cloud hosting has become very popular during the last few years because all of the hard drives, processing power and memory are shared by all of the sites in the cloud. Servers can be added to or removed from the cloud according to need. The benefits of cloud hosting are numerous but five of the more significant and apparent ones are listed below:

1. Scalability

The concept of using numerous servers that are all co…

Is Social Media vital part of SEO strategy?

Any SEO campaign or digital marketing strategy will inevitably need the social media. This is because of the more exposure of the social networks than any other medium. The time of print media as marketing medium has passed away and now is the correct time to implement your optimization techniques through the social media.

Importance of social media in present times

The importance of the social media and channels can be easily understood by the fact that a common man takes more than few hours to update his personal profile. It should be noted here that he does not work professional or anything related to business area. So what do you think about the power of social media? It definitely helps the business and corporate world to get their target audience quite easily. Getting quick response, comments and sharing data become easier.
It is rather the convenience and time factor which greatly impacts our thinking about the business marketing.

Social Media Marketing

This forms an integral par…