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Backing Up Your Files on the Cloud

This is a guest post by Lauren Bailey about backing up files in cloud . If you’ve read any recent technology-related article on the web lately, it has probably been about cloud computing services. These services are all the rage these days, and with this budding industry come hundreds of startups trying to outcompete each other for your business.

Where My Cloud Computing Began

For a good while, I had been a big proponent of Dropbox, which is a great thumb-drive cloud service. I essentially use Dropbox as I would a flash-drive; it holds 2 GB for free, and I can access it from any computer with an internet connection. However, when you get to larger data-storing cloud services, Dropbox has some steep pricing ($9.99/month for 50 GB and $19.99/ month for 100 GB).

Massive Cloud Storage

Thankfully, I never bought into the higher storage pricing for Dropbox because recently I have come across. I never really considered Dropbox a backup service because the company seemed to be focused on easily…

Is the iPhone 4S the best phone ever?

This is a guest post by Simon about iPhone 4S. Looking at the release and all the news that surrounded the launch of iPhone 4S deals may make it seem like it is an underwhelming device and one that doesn’t deserve as much attention as previous iPhones. However, on closer inspection this should not be the case and we should realise it is an astounding feat of technological engineering and a testament to Apple’s innovation.

As Mark Hirst, Managing Director of Best Mobile Contracts stated ‘The introduction of dual core processing and improved graphics helps Apple stay on top of its game. New developments such as iCloud, Siri and its new iOS 5 ensure that the iPhone 4S remains one of the leading handsets in the smartphone arena.’

These three factors turn the tables in Apple’s favour. The device may not have the hardware many others do; however, those long enough in any tech industry will know that power alone does not make a popular and fantastic device. The innovations in the operati…

Yahoo invisible detector – insights on a new online service

This is a guest article by Iulian about leading Yahoo Invisible detector service There are several online businesses which are basically ruling the online industry, and one of them is Yahoo. Founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo in Santa Clara, California, Yahoo! started to grow significantly over the years, now having millions of users all over the world. One of the most widespread products of Yahoo is Yahoo Mail and Messenger. Over time yahoo messenger had become a habit for millions and soon they’ve introduced the possibility to become invisible for other users. It was obvious that a whole new kind of service appeared online, that of yahoo invisible detector.

The yahoo invisible detector as an online service first appeared when yahoo was at protocol 13, now being at protocol 17, and at first there were several websites offering their services in order for you to find out which buddy of yours is hiding. Unfortunately, as soon as yahoo started …