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Is the iPhone 4S the best phone ever?

This is a guest post by Simon about iPhone 4S. Looking at the release and all the news that surrounded the launch of iPhone 4S deals may make it seem like it is an underwhelming device and one that doesn’t deserve as much attention as previous iPhones. However, on closer inspection this should not be the case and we should realise it is an astounding feat of technological engineering and a testament to Apple’s innovation.

As Mark Hirst, Managing Director of Best Mobile Contracts stated ‘The introduction of dual core processing and improved graphics helps Apple stay on top of its game. New developments such as iCloud, Siri and its new iOS 5 ensure that the iPhone 4S remains one of the leading handsets in the smartphone arena.’

These three factors turn the tables in Apple’s favour. The device may not have the hardware many others do; however, those long enough in any tech industry will know that power alone does not make a popular and fantastic device. The innovations in the operating system, such as iCloud and Siri voice control are what make this a fantastic phone.

iCloud allows people to synch their Apple device with a number of other Apple related software and allows them such abilities as to download iOS updates over the air. Even more wonderfully it allows people access to their iTunes music collection, meaning they can listen to their library on the move once they are in reach of a connection. Apple has as always done this in a stylish and fantastic manner, offering user friendliness with ease of integration and so makes the iPhone a device to be reckoned with in this area.

The Siri voice control abilities are also fantastic and lead the phone into an area that has not been utilised to its full extent by any other manufacturer. This voice control allows a smorgasbord of options and means that we can do such things as add notes, send emails and convert currency all just with the use of voice.

iOS 5 also comes with iMessage to send free instant messages between iPhones, Android like notifications from the top of the screen and also the ability to take photos from the front locked screen without having to unlock. All of this means the device is an innovative and fun phone to use in a colourful and user friendly manner and puts it to the fore of all smart phones.

So the initial reactions to the iPhone 4S were unfounded. This is a fantastic phone and just as ground breaking as the iPhone 4 was last year. It may not look like a completely new phone, but the iPhone 4S has such a wealth of new software features and increased hardware power that you could not possibly confuse this with the iPhone 4 if you were to use both phones simultaneously. The added benefit is that the best mobile phone deals for the iPhone 4S are not much more expensive than those for the iPhone 4, despite the amazing new features.


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