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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime: World’s First Supercomputer Tablet

This is a guest post byAlia Haley. In this post, we will talk about Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, a tablet based on Android operating system. This is the successor of Eee Pad Transformer tablet PC and world’s first tablet with ARM Cortex A9 processor (Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU). With use of this processor, this will be the most powerful consumer tablet and ultimate consumption device on the planet. Performance, gaming experience, graphics everything will be maximized still with a battery backup of 12 hours with a 22 WH battery. Are you excited? Read on to know more.

Apart from a star processor, Asus is throwing many other extra goodies to make sure you buy the new Transformer Prime. Starting with the looks, the design is reworked with finish that is more metallic, thickness has gone down to 8.3 mm and the weight decreases to 586 grams. If we talk about the original Transformer, the thickness was 12.9 mm with a weight of 690 grams. The metallic finish makes the tablet more durable…

Samsung Galaxy S2 – The Best Phone of 2011?

This is a guest post bySimon about the Galaxy S2 then, and how it has been the best phone released this year. Samsung's Galaxy S2 has gotten a lot of acclaim in 2011 and really fended off all contenders to its throne. While the iPhone 4S may offer more features in some respects, such as voice control with Siri, the S2 is an extremely competitive device that really show cases what Samsung are capable of. In fact it was the first phone to trump the existing iPhone 4 from its top sales spot and so far the Galaxy S2 deals have still managed to prevent the iPhone 4S contracts from climbing to the top of the sales charts as well.

Samsung combined a number of factors with the Samsung Galaxy S2 to make it special. The phone's fantastic dual core chip allowed it to perform a number of activities and multitasking which the iPhone 4 just couldn't match at the time. Though other phones at the time had similar power, it was the fact the Samsung was the full package which allowed it t…