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Review of Blackberry Curve 9320

Blackberry smart phones have really captured the market and they have been doing it in from a long time. All the smart phones of blackberry have some excellent features, and here is another one hitting soon in the market. The set is blackberry curve 9320 that would attract many of the people and definitely the blackberry users. Like all of the other smart phones, the blackberry curve 9320 has a speedy performance rate and a sleek and well-finished body. These types of handsets are just perfect for office use and basically look good when a person is wearing a formal outfit. Blackberry curve 9320 has an elegant look that would look great in your hands.

Specifications of blackberry curve 9320

Device type: Blackberry curve is a smart phone with a nice design and come with the operating system of blackberry OS.

Physical body and display resolution: The Physical body of the blackberry curve is 2.44 inches that makes it easier to hold and has a display resolution of 320x240 pixels.


iPhone sales help fuel worldwide smartphone numbers

There are nearly 150 million smartphones out there in the world, according to new figures. Thanks to record breaking sales figures by Apple for the iPhone 4S by the end of 2011 there was almost a 50% increase in the number of devices up on the previous year.

The research by Gartner Inc. claims the figures rose during the final quarter of 2011 thanks to the 30 million plus iPhone 4S' sold by Apple. The results led to Apple becoming the third largest vendor of mobile phones in the world. They also became the top smartphone vendor, with nearly a quarter of global sales in the fourth quarter. Over the rest of 2011, Apple took a fifth of the share of the smartphone market.

The UK and wider Western Europe along with North America were the driving forces for the figures, says Gartner. Up until the launch of the iPhone 4S sales were a little slow. Suddenly the spiked as we all ran out to buy the new device.

Worldwide, mobile device sales figures reached 476.5 million in the fourth quarter…

Google Apps for Education taking root in online learning environments

This is a guest post by Lindsey Harper Mac. Today’s college students grew up with Google. To them, Google has always been a verb and that little search box has always been the gateway to information on just about anything. The average college freshman entering a university today will Google something before heading to the library to research it in the traditional way. In light of this, it is no wonder that the Google Apps for Education platform is starting to take over the world of education.

Connectivity with lower cost

According to, more than 60% of the Top 100 schools in the United States use Google Apps for Education. This number will only continue to grow as more and more universities embrace free programming in their schools. Online colleges will especially benefit as administrators need to find affordable ways to keep students and faculty connected in spite of the geographic distance between them. Incorporating Google Apps for Education into the online learning enviro…