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Can Mobile Broadband Replace my Standard Broadband Package?

A few years ago mobile broadband was a fairly rare way of connecting to the internet. The download speeds were very low and people would just have it as an addition to their standard ADSL broadband, for when they are away from home and need access to the internet. However, this situation has changed and people are now starting to consider whether mobile broadband could be used as a replacement to their current landline connection. Broadband providers have improved the mobile broadband service but what else has changed that means people would use mobile broadband as their main internet connection and what reasons are there for you to consider this change as well?

1. The main reason for people to use mobile broadband is the convenience factor. In a world where everyone needs a constant connection to the internet, mobile broadband can allow you to conduct business and keep up to date with your emails 24 hours a day, no matter where you are. It is not just suited to business use though. …