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Can Mobile Broadband Replace my Standard Broadband Package?

A few years ago mobile broadband was a fairly rare way of connecting to the internet. The download speeds were very low and people would just have it as an addition to their standard ADSL broadband, for when they are away from home and need access to the internet. However, this situation has changed and people are now starting to consider whether mobile broadband could be used as a replacement to their current landline connection. Broadband providers have improved the mobile broadband service but what else has changed that means people would use mobile broadband as their main internet connection and what reasons are there for you to consider this change as well?

1. The main reason for people to use mobile broadband is the convenience factor. In a world where everyone needs a constant connection to the internet, mobile broadband can allow you to conduct business and keep up to date with your emails 24 hours a day, no matter where you are. It is not just suited to business use though. With the rise of social media over the last few years people are always looking to update their status or keep track of their tweets. Mobile broadband would allow you to do this while you’re on the train or enjoying a coffee at your favorite cafĂ©. The increased coverage that internet mobile phones offer has somewhat stemmed the need for this, but they are limited as to what they can do. If you need to urgently send a spreadsheet while you are on your way to work then you can’t do this with a standard mobile phone.

2. One thing that can certainly work out to be quite expensive over the term of your standard broadband contract is the line rental. It may not seem like a lot when you consider the monthly cost, but if you add it up over the course of the year then it may be more than you’d want to pay. With mobile broadband you will find no extra costs. You will pay for the service and the dongle and that will be all. Many households choose not to have a landline these days. With most people owning a mobile phone it is no longer essential. When you get a new home broadband service you are also likely to pay a setup fee for an engineer to come round to your house and install your broadband. With mobile broadband you can load up the software, insert the dongle and then start browsing.

3. Another reason to switch to mobile broadband would be the flexibility that it offers. Yes, it is flexible with regards to where you can use it, but it is also flexible in terms of contract and payment. A lot of home broadband packages only offer 18-24 month contracts, which is quite a long time to potentially be stuck with a product or service that you no longer want or need. You may not be a regular internet user and might therefore be unlikely to want to commit to such a long contract. The advantage of mobile broadband is that there are lots of flexible contract, or Pay As You Go offers available. These can range from 30 days to 3-6 months. This may give you more confidence that you are not committing to a broadband package that you may not use to its full capacity.

If you were looking for mobile broadband on a long term contract then there are also the free laptop offers that plenty of providers include in the packages. These offers will usually tie you down to an 18 or 24 month contract but can be worth it if you do not mind doing that. It is for all these reasons that mobile broadband is becoming a more widely used way of connecting to the internet, and it is
likely to become even more popular over the coming years.

Guest article by Ben Hughes

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