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The Concepts of Social Networking in Today's World

In today’s high tech world, networking occurs as much on computers as in “real life” social situations. Social media has opened up a vast new frontier for people to connect with others. Before the advent of social media, people generally networked at social gatherings like mixers, fundraising galas and similar events. Of course, such “face-to-face” networking is still important and common, but social media allows possibilities that did not exist before. One of the problems with older networking models is that often the same people showed up at all the events.

The percentage of the population that is active in community events tends to be rather low. On the other hand, almost everyone these days uses social media.

Vast reach of social networking

According to the latest stats, Facebook alone has more than 900 million active users worldwide with the number continuing to grow. Twitter and Google+ also have large numbers of active users that cross all demographic categories.

The r…

Review & Local Price of Gigabyte GSmart G1355 Dual SIM Phone

New kid coming on block: GIGABYTE GSmart G1355

Here is the latest form of the ANDROID smart dual sim phone inching to come to the market in second quarter of this year, GIGABYTE G SMART G135 is ready to be the new identity of your personality which identifies with you. It has got the thickness of 11.5mm which is not sleek at all and thus it weighs also at 168gms which is quite heavy.

Both SIMs operate on GSM network and SIM 1 operates on dual 3G BAND. It has TFT touch screen with 4.3 inches display and maximum resolution of 480*800 pixels which is quite effective and display is supported by 256k color combinations.

It is well defined with a phone which is going to prove perfect for you in its own regards so let’s see the features in listed here with features.

Dual SIMTFT displayLED flash cameraEXPANDABLE MEMORY (Up to 32 GB )512 MB RAM and 1 GB ROMWi-FiA-GPS navigation supportJava supported systemMusic and video player with the loudspeakers with 3.5mm jackDocument viewerLi-Ion battery w…

Review of LG Optimus 3D 2 Phone & Hardware Specification

The Most Enable Smart Phone: LG Optimus 3D 2

Well informing you all the most reputed mobile companies is coming up with a new smart PHONE named LG Optimus 3D 2 is aphone build on android ginger platform and powered by dual core processor. It has all sorts of the features we find to have in smart phones it comes up the LCF touch screen display with 4.5 inches wide angle display. This phone comes up with the inbuilt memory of 16 GB storage with expandable memory up to 32 GB.

This Mobile Phone has the camera which has 8 MP cameras and the secondary camera is there to support video calling and the phone comes with the following features as they are listed here

Features of LG Optimus 3D 2

LCD Touch screen display.·Resolution 720×1280 pixels.·Internal storage of 16 GB and RAM of 1 GB·Micro SD with expandable up to 32 GB·GPRS speed up to 237.8 Kbps·3G speed Up to 21 Mbps highest speed ever provided for a smart phone·Stereo Bluetooth·G Talk and YouTube enabled.GPS navigation·Camera of 8 MP with…

How To: Choose Best Browser among Different Good Browsers

A lot of time has passed since the beginnings of the Internet, and browsers, as the technology everyone uses in order to gain access to the web pages of their interest, have gone a long way. With powerful browsers aggressively promoted by powerful companies, like Microsoft and Google, it becomes more and more difficult to make a choice. As an end user, you need to take a few things into consideration, if you want to choose the best browser of them all.

1. Speed

One of the major complaints even the big players in this field have to confront with is speed. There is nothing users like more in a browser than the speed with which they are connected with their favorite websites. However, the most important browsers tend to get bloated, making navigation a bit of a headache. The best solution is to download the most important browsers and test them directly on your
machine, and you will have your answer right away.

2. Ease of use

The second thing you need to keep in mind as an end user is ea…

Free Wi-Fi? Don’t Celebrate Just Yet

Free Wi-Fi can lead you into identity theft, loss of data or worse if you aren’t careful. Our airports, cafes, hotels etc. are peppered with free Wi-Fi connections. Most of us don’t think twice before we logon for our daily internet fix. There are no free lunches in this world and the internet is no different – by linking yourself to an open network you can potentially be setting yourself up for disaster. There are two ends of manipulation on a free network – your files could be tampered with by the person who originally setup the network with the intention of monitoring the users connecting to it, and someone else connecting to the network can also spy on you. Several pieces of activity can be tracked on an open Wi-Fi network.

Behind the scenes

An open Wi-Fi is a network that links you to a main computer and every other computer that finds its way to the network. If the owner wishes to check what you’re using their Wi-Fi connection for, all they need is a software like Wireshark or F…