Major Uses of Wireless Access Points (AP)

Access Point is a wireless device which connects various wireless devices in the same wireless network. It may or may not have routing feature.
One example is the Wireless router which does have the features of a wireless Access Point and Router. How to Setup Belkin Router and Configure Linksys Wireless Router are two important Wireless router configuration guides written by me. Some of the important uses of Wireless Access Points (AP) are:

1. Access Point as Access Point

2. Wireless Expander

3. Wireless bridge

4. Wireless Client

When AP is acting as a Wireless Access Point, It connects wireless computers in infrastructure mode. Here computers are able to connect to each other through the AP. Access Point can also act as Wireless Expander. It can expand the wireless signal from another Wireless router or Access Point. Another important use of AP is wireless bridge. In wireless bridge mode Two access Points can create a wireless bridge between them. That means one AP share its Internet/network to second AP though a bridge connection.

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