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Google Plus Button Turned to Error When I Click on it

Today while promoting one article written by one of my favorite blogger in Google plus, the Google plus icon turned to error.
It happened after counting my vote and turned back to the old vote count his blog post received before I did my vote. Then another window opened automatically showing the possible reasons for the error. Those reasons are:

  1. Blocked cookies
  2. Server timeout
  3. Apps user
  4. Suspended profile
  5. Logged out

Anyway just a page refresh fixed the issue in my case. If you are using a blogger blog, you can show official Google plus button on every posts without having any programing knowledge. All you need to do is just follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to Display Google Plus Button in Every Blogger Blog Posts

In case if you are using old template for your blog and do not wish to migrate to new templates, there might be a problem in showing Google plus button on blog posts by following the method given above. However, you can still show Google plus button with other social share buttons on every blog posts by following the steps provided in the link below.
Social Share Buttons are Not Showing on Blogger Blog Posts

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