Activision Launches Classic Games App for Mobile

There is one thing that people will always think of fondly and that is the games of their childhood. These classic games seem to be fun no matter how
outdated the graphics become or how simple the concept may have been. This is why some many mobile devices have made a lot of the popular classic games available for download.

Any child of the 80’s has most likely played a game by Activision. Next to Atari it was one of the leading producers of popular 80’s video games. Activision has made up to 45 games available from both Android and iOS mobile devices. Below is a list of some of the most popular games that were released by Activision and are now available for download.


Kaboom is a rather basic concept, but it sure is a fun game. The graphics are horrible, but it is more the comfort you feel when you are playing this old classic. You must try to catch all of the bombs that the bomber is dropping down to you before one hits the ground, blows-up, and ends your game.

River Raid

Try to successfully fly your plane down the river while avoiding all of the crazy obstacles that get in the way. These obstacles include boats, birds, balloons, rocks, and any other type of thing that can pop-up in a riverbank or the air around it.

Pitfall & Pitfall 2

Try to navigate through the jungle while swinging over alligators, quicksand, fire, scorpions, and pretty much anything else dangerous that can pop-up to take you out during your 80’s style game play.


This game is an 80’s version of a take on a popular form of entertainment from the 20’s. It is a video game where you play a stunt pilot performing tricks and scoring points as you avoid major obstacles in the air.


Race against the clock to try and guide you car around twists and turns hitting all of the checkpoints along the way.


Send out your drivers to find sunken treasure to bring back to your submarine.

How it Works

Activision has a large variety of games available. They are a lot of fun, and will bring you back to the good ole times. It is important to check and make sure you package includes the games that you want to download for you have several options.
Kaboom! Is completely free you just simply have to download it to your device either through the Google Play or the Apple/iTunes store. This is the only Activision game that is available for free. The next option is to download a set of 11 games that are available for $2.99. This is a set selection of 11 games, so make sure that this list includes all of the games that you are interested in playing before making this selection. There is also the option of paying a total of $6.99 and you will be able to download all 45 Activision games to your mobile device. This is definitely the best deal, but only really worth the money if you will play the additional games that were not included in the 11 game package.

Classic games are coming back with a vengeance. People seem to enjoy playing the classic arcade and video games just as much as they do the new and current games. Fortunately, both sets are available for download to your mobile devices simply by clicking a button. Some are free and some are not, but even the ones that you pay for tend to come at a minimal charge.

Author Bio: This article is written by Jason Phillips. He works as a market analyzer at a video game making company. He newly tried online gaming through Truck Games 365.

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