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What is L2TP and Configuring Router with L2TP

L2TP is the short form of Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol and you can see mainly DSL broadband service providers use this.
It is used to support VPN connection and is a tunneling protocol. Though this protocol is used for Virtual Private Networks, it does not have encryption feature. So we need to use an additional protocol IPsec.

Today industries leading SOHO router vendors supply devices which support L2TP like D-Link Wireless Router, Belkin Wireless Router etc. In case if your DSL ISP provides L2TP connection, while configuring Internet connection in your router, you may prompt to enter a username and password. L2TP address mode can be of two types. They are:

1. Static
2. Dynamic

If your ISP provide you a static address mode, while configuring your router to connect your network, you should enter the L2TP IP address, L2TP gateway address, subnet mask, server IP etc along with username and password. If it is dynamic, you just need to enter username and password.

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