Difference Between Using Single Antenna and multiple Antennas

Have you ever questioned the need of using multiple antennas on a wireless router? Is it any way improve the quality of wireless signal
generated by the wireless router? This article is especially for answering the importance of using multiple wireless antennas on a wireless router and wireless access point.

Wireless networking improved the way in which we arrange home networks. However, there are some possible obstacles in using wireless network in a small office or home. If there is a wall between computers and wireless Access Point, it can reduce the signal quality. In worst case it can entirely block the wireless signal. To overcome this one practical solution is to use powerful antennas to transmit more powerful wireless signal. However, experiments shows the practical difficulties in increasing the power of antennas for a Home Office Small Office device. So the remaining option is to use multiple antennas to overcome such difficulties.

You may be wondering how multiple antennas can perform this duty. Answer is very simple. Multiple antennas enable the Wireless Router or Access Point to transmit wireless signal through multiple channels. By using different channels to receive and transmit signals, we can improve the overall quality of wireless transmission by the Access Point.

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