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Google Handwrite for Tablets and Smartphone’s – Convert Your Writing to Web Search Terms

Innovation is the key concept of the technical devices. Tablets and smartphones are the latest innovations that have enticed PC users and have
raised the bar of mobile computing to a new level. Searching is an essential part of computing of any type. But are smartphones and tablets are the perfect device for quick searching in Google?

As you know the touchscreen keyboard of a smartphone is pretty tiny and users with fat fingers cannot do well in such a keyboard. Are you one of those users who have fat fingers and are unable to use this small size keyboard of the smartphone and tablet? Google has come up with an improved solution – the Handwrite searching facility.

Google Handwrite Searching Functionality

Google is one such company which is known for its creativity and modernized specs. Every day when I wake up and open the Google home page, I find something new in the page – either the page has an improved appearance or there are some additions in the searching pattern or in the drive. Today also this is not an exception. Google Handwrite brings a new experience for you!

Enable the feature on your tablet or smartphone and literally write down the web searches on your device screen directly. Handwrite enables you to write on your tablet or smartphone’s touchscreen, identifies what you desire to find and accordingly displays the search result in front of you. Just use your fingers for writing the search terms.

Google gives you the grand opportunity to take a great leap from the traditional typing of words in the search field. Like in Google, in the small screen also, you only have to write a phrase partially and you will get a list of the common search items. This smart but simple idea rests on variety of technologies such as search logic and handwriting recognition.

Is it easy to activate Google Handwrite on your device?

It’s a simple process! Just visit from your tablet or smartphone, click on Settings button present right at the bottom of that page and enable this astounding feature of Google. When Handwrite is enabled in your device, you only have to click on Handwrite button appearing at the bottom of your screen.

Hold down the icon and the space for writing your search term will appear readily. Now you have the privilege to ask for your desired result only by writing. This feature is not suitable for those who have unclear handwriting. The clearer you write the faster you get the result!

Start practicing your handwriting on your smartphone or tablet. Typing on the keyboard of your tablet or phone can be difficult when you are on wheels. This handwritten solution from Google makes your web searching unbelievably simple! At present, Handwrite is available for 27 languages. Can you imagine?

Can I run Google Handwrite on all devices?

Google Handwrite presently will work in Android 4.0+ or the later tablets, Android 2.3+ as well as the later phones and iOS 5.0+ iPads and iPhones together with latest Apple devices.

Don’t you feel that it is a very useful tool? Are you excited to use this feature? Just go ahead and check out this feature from

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