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What is MIMO

My last article was about the benefits of having multiple antennas on a wireless router. This article is a deep study of the technology used to
add multiple antennas on latest Access Points and Wireless routers. In short form we can call this technology MIMO. MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output. As the name suggests, MIMO support multiple channels for receiving and transmitting wireless signals.

If we check MIMO carefully we can see it comes from a set of previous standards. They are




SISO stands for Single Input Single Output. As we see SISO can support only one channel. So we can clearly say MIMO is the upgraded form of SISO. Wireless routers having single antenna is build on SISO technology. SIMO on the other hand support multiple channels for output. Though SIMO supports multiple outputs, it only support single input. So we can use only one channel to receive signals. However, routers using SIMO can support multiple channels to transmit wireless signals. MISO works entirely opposite to SIMO. In MISO, it supports multiple inputs contrary to the single input in SIMO. However, MISO supports only one channel to transmit signal.

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