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Training Is The Key To A Well Behaved Dog Who Can Be A Great Companion

Life with a well-trained dog is enjoyable and fun. Effective training can enhance the relationship you both share. Training a dog will require you to create appositive environment where it is easy for the dog to learn. Once your dog understands what is expected of him he will find it easier to get along with you. To train your canine companion, you will have to decipher his language and treat him for good behavior. You can opt for a private trainer or enroll your dog in training classes. In the course of the training classes, the puppies will learn how to sit and walk with the leash on.

Training a dog can be a daunting task if you are a pet-owner for the first time.

  • You must start with obedience training which will lead to good behavior in your dog. A well-trained dog will be healthy and happy. Before the training obtain a collar and leash which is suitable and comfortable for your dog. During obedience training keep the training sessions small as puppies have short attention spans. Teach your dog the sit command and train it to respond to your calls. Train your dog to master the obedience basics.
  • Positive reinforcement can help you to train your dog in an effective manner. A pat, treat and praise can help you to encourage your dog for good behavior. With positive reinforcement, you can involve the entire family in the training process. When you reward your dog for good behavior it is likely to repeat that good behavior again. You can reward your dog by giving him an extra playtime.
  • Games can be a great motivator during training sessions. Be consistent with the training and avoid confusing your dog. It is important that you are patient during the training process. A dog needs to know its name before you start training it. By familiarizing the dog with its name, you can catch its attention easily. Take steps to understand your dog and anticipate its movements.
  • Like children puppies need to know their boundaries. You can teach them things which are acceptable in a firm but gentle manner. Do not leave your puppy in areas in which it can spoil your things by chewing. If you are experiencing troubles in training your pet you can speak to experienced pet-owners or vets.
  • You can bond with your fur-friend with agility training. Tire tunnels and walkways can give adequate exercise to your dog. Agility training is very essential for dogs who are natural hunters. If your dog has excess energy agility training is the best method to release the energy. Your dog will benefit from the cardio exercises which he will receive from taking part in the agility training. If you are going on a short break you can keep your Fido at doggie daycare.
  • You must start training a puppy right from the moment you bring it home. You can begin training after the puppy has opened its eyes and has started to walk. You can use visual cues to train your puppy. You can pair your commands with hand signals and visible cues. Dogs are smart in understanding and interpreting human gestures. You will see that he learns the commands soon.

During the training session, you must remain calm and patient. Give a command some time to process. Learn about your dog’s body language and learn to identify the signs of stress. Adopt a training approach which does not lead to stress in your dog. It is essential that you recognize your dog’s natural talents and work on them while training.

Author Bio: Scot Willey owns a doggie daycare which allows dogs to have fun while their owners at work. The daycare is one of the finest boarding which offers grooming services and training packages.


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