New Zealand Residents Living in Australia

Just over the horizon, immigration guidelines for New Zealand immigrants who are living in Australia may be shifting. For most people, relocation can typically mean an improvement of life, but the rules that have been set forth by Australia is causing a huge disadvantage for immigrant residents. In addressing the difficulties facing the New Zealander of Australia, The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key along with Joe Hockey, the Australian Treasurer, have discussed specific requirements of immigrants such as paying taxes. But still, this will not provide them with an entailment of benefits such as; disability care, social housing and many other welfare compensations of Australian citizens.

This ruling affects nearly 300,000 current Australian residents from New Zealand, who are currently holding a special category visa. Prime Minister Key anticipates changes to be made in the near future. Key also expressed the shocked he observed from Treasurer Hockey, concerning the lack of aid for immigrant disabled children from New Zealand, as they are not receiving the support needed.

Treasurer Key specified that under the current Australian rules, an immigrant child born with a disability in Australia is not eligible for state support until they reach their 10th birthday. An immigrant child born in Australia, who is under the age 10, is still not considered a citizen. Nevertheless, even without citizenship, the immigrant child is eligible for support from the State upon reaching the age of 10.

Treasurer Key considers this law to be imbalanced to both immigrant children and the parents. He also expresses that this rule is unclear, as the State eventually pays for the support of the children and that they should be eligible for any support needed from birth.

PM Hockey agrees with Treasurer Key and proposes a study that will determine the cost of these suggested changes. These migration rules are only set forth for New Zealanders living in Australia, and differ among other nationalities; New Zealanders already have entitlement to work and to in Australia, Persons entering Australia holding a passport from New Zealand, will obtain a Special Category Visa (SCV).

With an SCV, migrants in Australia are enabled to live and work as long of citizenship of New Zealand is maintained. Furthermore, holding a New Zealand citizenship and passport, character and health requirements must be made prior to residing in Melbourne, Brisbane or any other location within Australia. An incoming passenger card is also a requirement to living and working within Australia for all SCV residents.

New Zealanders rising and working in Australia are qualified for medical care, child care, the baby bonus plan, and family tax. But still, they receive no entitlement to disability allowances, social housing, or welfare benefits associated. For the New Zealander residents of Australia meet the requirements of sickness benefits or youth payments; they must reside in Australia for a consecutive ten years at minimum.

Additionally, any New Zealanders residing in Australia before February 27, 2001, may not count any accumulation of time prior to that date towards their ten-year requirement. More information for New Zealanders looking to make the Trans-Tasman move available on the Hunt Migration blog.

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