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AMOLED display coming to Samsung Galaxy Tab range

This is a guest post by Erica about the arrival of AMOLED display to Samsung Galaxy Tab range.Samsung could be transplanting a seven inch AMOLED screen into an upcoming addition to its Galaxy Tab range of tablet computers.

You may have experienced an AMOLED display in a small portable device before as Samsung, Nokia and HTC have all used them in smartphones to date. However, the expense of producing AMOLED screens has prohibited them from appearing on larger devices like tablets, until now.

The seven inch Galaxy Tab was launched last year but an update with an AMOLED screen would be most welcome, cutting energy consumption and improving colours and contrast ratios across the board.

The rumours about this device state that it will run Android 3.0, feature a three megapixel camera on the rear, a two megapixel snapper on the front and have a display resolution of 1024x600 which is not bad for a device of this size.

The hardware powering the new Galaxy Tab will consist of a 1.2GHz processor with two physical cores and 1GB of RAM, which essentially means it will echo the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone when it comes to performance.

There are some who are sceptical about the news of AMOLED displays finally breaking into the tablet market, not only because Samsung has been reluctant to talk about further expanding its Galaxy Tab range in order to focus attention on the existing models which are available. However, at some point down the road the arrival of this technology on a larger scale is inevitable and with Samsung`s experience it could well be the first to make the leap.

Of course Samsung has a lot on its plate at the moment after coming under attack from an Apple lawsuit which has halted the distribution of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe. Following a ruling handed down by a German court it seems that retailers in the UK and elsewhere are unable to order any more tablets to replenish their stocks.

The result is that although those Galaxy Tab 10.1 models which have already made it to retailers can and are being sold to consumers, no more may be delivered until some kind of repeal is granted.

This partial embargo has come about because Apple claims that the Galaxy Tab range violates a number of patents which it owns and it also feels that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in particular is a bit of a rip-off of the iPad 2.

In reality things are much more complicated, with the software powering Samsung`s tablets offering a markedly different experience compared to the iPad range. But with Samsung, HTC and many others getting in on the tablet market, Apple is looking to defend its IP with vigour. Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian manufacturer behind the BlackBerry phone range, has even released its own tablet this year.

While Apple may only be able to stall Samsung in its attempts to distribute the Galaxy Tab 10.1, this could be the breathing room it needs to come up with a new iPad.


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