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Smart Spy Application for Smartphones

It is a fact that nowadays smartphones have become the perfect medium for abusing, threatening, sending adult messages, exchanging company secrets, and hacking confidential data. So, in case you suspect that your child, spouse, employee, or a colleague has become a victim of any of these threats; there is a silent solution to help them! With the advanced technology for mobile security, you too can become a detective or an investigator just like an FBI or CID agent to keep a non-stop eye on the target smartphone irrespective of yours and device’s location. In this article, you will be introduced to a smart spy application with which you can easily become a remote detective.

Introduction to the Smart Spy App

It is Mobile Spy, the next generation spy program that allows you to track the smartphone of a suspected kid, spouse, or employee to record any evidence of abuse or threat. The app monitors SMSs, calls, photos, videos, GPS location, emails, sites, and contacts list.

All you have to do is download and install this app directly on any target smartphones. This is the only time when you need to get the physical access to the smartphone. Once you install it, it begins to start recording all possible activities without intimating the user. This means it runs in an invisible mode, which is actually the beauty of this advanced mobile monitoring app.

According to the New York Times, cell phone spyware promises to see activity without the knowledge of the child. Even the famous tech site PC World has commented on this app: Observe what your employees are messaging or how long your daughter chats down the street.

Features of the Mobile Spy

Listed below are the major features of Mobile Spy, which make the app one of the most powerful monitoring tools.

  • Real-time monitoring in 100% invisible mode
  • Recording of SMS text messages, Facebook and Twitter messages, sites visited, and call details
  • Tracking of photos and videos, whether downloaded or captured from the phone’s camera
  • Monitoring memos, emails, contacts, iMessage, and WhatsApp
  • Updating GPS locations every half an hour
  • Logging all the information and uploading to a remote secured server
  • Offering LIVE Screen with LIVE Panel Account to view the phone’s screen live irrespective of its location and block suspected activities remotely
  • Blocking apps on the phone

Working of Mobile Spy

Once you have installed Mobile Spy on the phone, the app will then work in the following manner.

1. Records all the phone activities, including the GPS location.
2. Creates logs for each kind of information.
3. Encrypts and upload the logs using the Internet connection to a remote SSL-secured
Mobile Spy servers

You can then log on to your online Mobile Spy account from any browser and view all the latest logs that are available in a well organized manner. By logging, you get access to the LIVE Control Panel where you can keep on receiving the activities performed throughout the day. In addition, you can also access the phone’s screen in real time to remotely control the phone activities. For example, you can use this live screen feature to see what is currently happening on the smartphone. If you suspect anything risky, you can certainly block that activity.

The app is available for iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile platforms.

Guest Article by Lucille
Lucille is a blogger who loves to blog on mobile technology and mobile spy. She has a keen interest in smartphones.

This is a guest article by Lucille about a Smartphone spy application which enable a user to monitor the activities of the phone. To know more about guest post rules in this blog please follow the link below.


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