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How to Access Prepaid Wireless Internet On My Computer Freely

Accessing the internet via a wireless connection is great for on-the-go individuals. If you have heard of the term “3G”, then you probably already
know that it can be quite costly, especially when considering that most companies desire to lock you into a long term contract.

With prepaid wireless internet, you are not required to sign a contract and therefore you can enjoy the benefits of a pay as you go system. You will also be able to access the latest in connection standards, which is 4G LTE. 4G allows users to achieve transfer speeds of up to 12mbps, eliminating the hassle of waiting forever for web pages or emails to download.

Is Prepaid Internet the Best Option for Me?

If you don’t like commitment to a deadline and a recurring monthly fee, then prepaid Internet is definitely for you. Below we have listed some points to help you identify those who will benefit the most from a pay as you go connection.

  • Individuals who require an internet connection for a limited time only
  • Infrequent internet users who only access the internet occasionally
  • People seeking to avoid activation charges, commitments and recurring deadlines
  • Lightweight internet surfers who plan to view websites and download e-mail

What Hardware Do I Need to Connect?

Prepaid internet operates in the same way as a conventional internet connection. You will simply require a 3G or 4G modem to get connected. Usually career services only offer a free modem with contract based data plans. This should not, however, pose too much of a problem as you can find a wide array of cheap second hand devices on sites like eBay and Amazon.

If you are reluctant to buying a modem, then you may want to consider tethering. This involves using your cellular phone as a modem. You can simply connect your phone to your computer via USB, Infra-red or Bluetooth. Proceed by installing your phone’s PC software and look for an option to establish an internet connection.

Where Can I Get Prepaid Internet?

Prepaid internet is a service that needs to be activated on your SIM card. Your SIM card is either plugged into your 3G data card or your mobile phone and is used to access a number of wireless protocols, such as EDGE, 3G and HSPA.

  • Virgin Mobile is currently offering 10GB of 4G data for $35
  • Cricket has a $30 package for 2GB of data at full speed, after which your speed is limited to 64kbps.
  • Verizon is offering 1GB of prepaid data for $50
  • T-Mobile has a 1.5GB package for $25

For a more detailed list of prepaid offerings, take a look at this wireless prepaid plan comparison.

Additional Details

Before you commit to a career service, it’s always a good idea to check their network coverage in your area of residence. A coverage map can be accessed on the website of your company of choice. Be sure to check coverage in terms of the service you wish to make use of, ie. 4G.

Alternatively, you can avoid the fee’s altogether associated with wireless career services by simply sharing a DSL connection over a Wi-Fi hotspot. Of course, the downside to this is that once you leave the vicinity of your hotspot, you will no longer have an internet connection.

This is a Guest Article by Chris

Chris is a network specialist, currently employed by T-Mobile. He has his bachelors in computer science, and has 6 years experience in the IT industry. To write guest articles for us, please follow the link below.

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