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Importance of Android Programming

Before discussing Android programming in informative details, it is important to have an understanding on the basics of Android. Android is an
operating system for Smartphones and Tablets and based on Linux kernel. Android is open source and its source is releasable under Apache license. The code is released by Google because in 2005, they acquired the original developer Android Inc and set up a consortium called Open Handset Alliance in 2007 for further developments.

Android apps are designed by hundreds and thousands of developers; some of them are individual developers while others work in a company. The apps are available on third party websites and also on the app store, run by Google called Google Play. Android is known for the Android SDK or software development kit, which stocks all the tools and APIs required for the developers working on Android based applications. When a developer begins working on Android, he basically doesn’t need to handle an Android device. He rather needs a computer with Android software development kit installed in it.

Mobile application development is one of the most sought after areas these days and Android is dominating this arena with close rivalry coming from the iOS by Apple. Android’s dominance in the handheld arena has been feasible from the year 2011. In the second quarter of 2011, Android had more than 40% of the total market share of the Smartphone OS market, in the third quarter Android’s share leaped to a little less than 60% and in the last quarter of 2011, Android held nearly 50% of the market share. The trend continued in 2012 as well. In the second quarter of 2012, Android has captured almost 70% of global mobile OS market share. The reason behind these surging figures is increasing demand for Android phones and Android programming exploring newer areas. With the end of 2012’s second quarter, it was found that around 600000 Android apps are available and from Google’s app store, roughly 20 billion applications have been downloaded.

Android developers mainly work on the following areas;

Using the software development kit, which contains an extended set of tools, developers design user interface and could also develop and debug software. Android Utility Improvement assists developers in creating customized utility on Android to serve clients. It also allows units, which facilitates each other’s communication so that they could better develop social apps.

Android developers work on user-centric apps as well as applications for enterprises. Majority of Android apps are games. Experienced developers have expertise in synchronizing internet and the mobile platform. They develop Android apps, which are not for recreation purpose. Such an application is pill identifier app. Anyone who is on regular medication, can utilize this app and it could remind them about when to take the pill other than helping them to track the duration between two consecutive pill taking. Developers are working on Android programming to come up with newer apps, which will facilitate users from different walks, professionals from different fields and businesses of different types.

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