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A Comprehensive Guide to Business Blogging

Blogging is a recent phenomenon, possibly 10 years old at the most. The earliest of blogs were more like personal journals where users kept some personal information about their
daily activities that anyone with an internet connection could access and read. As blogging grew in stature and acceptance, it began to be used as a platform for airing one’s views and opinions. Blogging, since those days, has undergone major metamorphic changes, so much so, that today it is a major platform for businesses to promote their products and services, though you may have to do it a little subtly, lest readers view it as blatantly promotional.

In recent years, blogging has become a source of living for many bloggers, thereby attracting professionals into the blogging sphere. If you are new to blogging and don’t know where to start, there is always help available from professional bloggers who will set up the whole process and help your blog take off. It is not uncommon to see resourceful businesses outsourcing all their blogging needs to professional companies while they concentrate on their respective core activities. If your company’s operations are big enough, then you can consider creating a separate department to take care of the blogging needs.

The most likeable feature of blogs is they give bloggers opportunities to interact with readers and understand their concern, though it can often mean some embarrassing moments for blog owners, but that you shouldn’t mind if it is reasonable. Chances are you can use their comments to improve your products’ performances and services. The next reason that makes blogging very desirable is that they give your professional website visibility through means of a link. Still another reason in favor of blogging is they are inexpensive to sustain and they have a global reach.

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Blog

Blogs are not fit-and-forget endeavor. You need to take them as seriously as you would take marketing & sales, especially if you are working in a corporate environment. That means creating an exclusive team and putting someone in charge of the whole process and getting him or her to commit to standards and results. A blog administrator is a must for the team – he/she should be responsible and see to that writers are motivated, come up with the committed numbers of blogs and generally help writers with appropriate resources. Administrators should maintain proper records of blogs written and successful submissions to help the management allocate funds and add more resources.

Keeping the team motivated is an important factor, and the best way to do that is to share the success information with writers. If a particular blog post generates leads, say 25 for example, let the person responsible for writing know about it. It can motivate the individual to coming up with something better still. In short a complete weekly report showing page view, click through, search engine ranking improvement rate and other information will help writers come with better and better posts.

Promoting the Blog in a Big Way

Creating the blog, putting a team in place, monitoring the success and motivating the team are but one aspect to successful blogging. There is more to it than that – promoting the blog and making it visible to readers. If you have seen company sites, you will also have seen that a good number of them are without a blog. Blogs some consider, as very embarrassing, but truth is otherwise. In reality though it is, it also helps you give leadership to your brand and your products. So, if your professional website is without a blog button, include it without losing a moment; it is the window to the world outside.

The other things that you can do for promoting your company’s blog are: include them in all your company’s stationary, email and other collaterals. Likewise encourage your writers and every employee to open accounts in social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others, and make them promote your professional website. Accept guest posts and give them a link in token of your appreciation; they will help you bring in more leads.

Don’t Forget the Search Engines

Everyone may have their own problems with search engines, and you may not be an exception. Though you should be ideally writing for humans, ground realities demand that you consider the search engine robots when you come up with articles for your posts. One of the major issue that concern search engines is keyword repetitions. It is true that in the past black hat trick practitioners indulged in stuffing keywords to get high page ranks, but the remedies from search engines actually stifle even genuine use of keywords. So, you will have to write partly to satisfy search engines and still keep it interesting for human consumption, and this don’t forget.

  1. The other things that you can do to make your posts search engine friendly are:
  2. Include relevant Keywords in the URL of each page,
  3. Keep URLs as short as you possibly can,
  4. Use only relevant and unique content,
  5. Link your blog to sites that have related contents,
  6. And never link to suspicious sites and put your readers’ experiences in peril.

Finding New Readers is Important

The secret of blogs’ success is finding newer and newer readers all the time. You should expect to lose some readers during your sojourn; it is a basic reality with which you need to come to terms with. But, on an average, you should build up readership month over month. The best ways to do that are:

  1. Come up with content that your readers will want to share within their peer group,
  2. Expand your network using social media resources like LinkedIn, Twitter…,
  3. Update your blog on daily basis with interesting content,
  4. Come up with creative work that can be re-tweeted in Twitter,
  5. And, let others in your business and associates know about your recent posts.

Finally, keep your blogging pages neat and simple. It should be navigable and easy to find relevant posts. A well designed search option can accomplish it.

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