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A Comprehensive detailed look at the Tesla Model S Touch Screen Dashboard

The Tesla Model S sedan has been hailed as the electric car that makes all the others look like unicycles. With its incredible performance and cool awesome design coupled with its all glass panoramic roof which gives you a convertible- like feel while driving I can easily see why. Not to mention the incredible exterior design and interior functionality, plus the spaciousness of the interior.

But it is it’s one innovative feature that make it the envy of those who can’t fork out the $80,000 required to let you experience this wonder and the desire of all those to whom $80,000 is pocket change. But when you grasp the magnitude of just how awesome this one innovation is, you will wonder why you don’t have it already.

The Tesla Model S sedan has a 17 built in tablet that acts as its dashboard. Yes it eliminates traditional knobs and buttons for an amazing touch screen tablet that does more than just turn on your car radio. Its functions are almost futuristic compared to all the other cars that have ever attempted to add a touch screen device to their functionality, with sometimes epic failure.

Wait till you see what it can do. Unlike other small tablets in some of those other cars, this one uses a tegra 3 processor making it as smooth to use and as fast as an Ipad making your driving experience out of this world awesome.

The top row of this touch screen dashboard contains the Media, Navigation, energy, web and Phone tabs which basically means that you can do pretty much everything while driving. The media tab includes regular AM and FM radio as well Sirius Satellite radio among others. The Navigation tab gives you unbelievably detailed Google maps and built in GPS that gives spoken directions so you never have to get lost. Wait there’s more. The energy tab will tell you exactly how much energy you’re consuming at the moment and what projected range you have as well as other cool energy related data that may come in hand or just make you and your Tesla Model S look cool, either way it’s awesome.

Then we have the web tab that opens a browser that you can expand to cover the entire 17” screen. Now, while it is not recommended that you surf the web while driving, it might be cool to use this awesome tablet to check out your twitter or Facebook feed from time to time or do Google searches (again not while driving.) The browser however doesn’t support flash, which may not be so bad.

The camera tab gives you the biggest background view camera of any car. It is like having an extra set of eyes at the back of your head. Apart from being amazingly cool, this feature comes in handy when you want to switch lanes safely or park.

The phone tab allows you to look at and scroll through all your phone contacts and can be synchronized with any phone via Bluetooth to make it easier for you to make and receive phone calls while driving.

The bottom of this tablet handles other car controls such as the roof, headlights, climate and doorknobs. What’s even cooler is that some of these functions can also be controlled by clickable scroll wheels on the steering wheel.

The dashboard also contains another section that while it may not be touch screen allows you to customize. It is right where the speedometer of those normal cars might be and will allow you to add your music, phone contacts and even the navigation map so you can easily control these functions with your cool clickable scroll wheels on the steering wheel.

This car’s 17” dashboard allows you to multitask (although not advised while driving) while making your driving experience out of this world amazing. It may just be worth the $80,000 price tag considering how awesome the exterior design of this car is but more so for the multi-task touch screen dashboard that comes with it.I would say this is one of those innovations that make life so much easier.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is an eminent writer with interest in small business, technology, and gadgets. He always stays updated with new gadgets launched or will launch in the market. Also he works as a senior editor at an online gaming site Sonic Games 365.



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