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Education Scenario In Pune & Best Law Schools

Being the eighth largest metropolis in India, Pune is located on the eastern side of Mumbai at a distance of 150 Kms. A diverse city, Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is a cosmopolitan town where maharashtrians co exists with people from all parts of India.

Pune, the choice of one and many:

Due to massive industrialization drive and a booming IT sector, people from all parts of India have made Pune their home. Great infrastructure, picturesque locales, super connectivity and good healthcare and education support are some of the features which have made Pune one of the most favored destinations to live. Maharashtra has always been the leader in garnering local and foreign investments. Pune has been one of the main recipients of this investment with almost all major corporate houses setting up plants here. The city has a huge automobile and ancillary industry along with a booming IT industry. Having started in the early 1960’s, the industrial wave has really made an impact on the education system of the city. Big names like Kirloskar have been a major player. The government is setting up another industrial and IT park on the outskirts of Pune. The Hinjawadi industrial and IT park is expected to attract an investment to the tune of 60,000 crores. At present around 70,000 people are working in the IT sector in Pune which boasts of big names like Microsoft.

To cater to these industries, there was a need for good and qualified work force. The Maharashtra government understood this well in advance and made pro active policies for setting up education institutes all across. Since mid 1980’s Pune has been famous for its MBA and engineering colleges. Students from all over the country have been coming to intake education in these professional courses. Pune has not only been favorite among students for MBA & Engineering courses but top LLB courses in Pune have also been in huge demand.

Career in Law:

As the society is getting more aware and conscious about the legal structure, a career in Law is slowly gaining a lot of popularity and scope amongst students. Lawyers are individuals, licensed by the state to participate in the exercise of law and counsel clients on legal matters. Lawyers act as both advisers and advocates on behalf of their clients. They embody either the petitioner or the suspect and advance their cases through oral spat or written documentation such as briefs and motions. As advisers, lawyers advice clients on how the particulars of their case apply to the law.
A Career in LLB has been a popular choice in India for a very long time. Families who have been into the profession for generations generally choose to pursue law as well. However, becoming a lawyer doesn’t require a family backdrop in law. Anybody who has the passion and commitment towards the vocation can choose to study law. Conventionally, applicants could specialize in either criminal or civil law. But, this theory changed over a period of time and now students can choose to specialize in numerous options offered like corporate law, patent law etc. A degree in law lets you practice as a lawyer in courts and also creates various career opportunities in segments like corporate management, administrative services and legal services.

How to go about it?

Aspirants who want to make a career in law can either opt for a 3 year course after graduation in any discipline or a 5 year course after 12th. In fact, the 5 year course is preferred by many and is seen as an enhanced option. In most cases, colleges have the 3 year course only for people who have graduated in something besides law or for professionals who want to pursue LLB as an added qualification. The 5 year course is for people who want to make a career in law and become a litigator, or a legal expert. The LLB course is controlled by the Bar Council of India which issues guidelines and protocols regarding lawful practice in India. All specializations are done at masters, MPhil or PhD stage. An advanced degree can help applicants become researchers, teachers or professors as well.

Law from Pune:

University of Pune has been one of the revered universities in India. Colleges affiliated to it have been frequented by the locals and outstation students alike for various courses. Management courses have always been the most sought after with the students as institutes like Symbiosis and Bhartiya vidya peeth have gained a huge reputation. With so many industries and service sector companies, litigation has also become a part and parcel. Career in LLB in Pune is also a very lucrative field which is fast catching up. There are some good institutes in Pune which impart education in law. Some of the top LLb institutes in Pune are Symbiosis Law School, ILS Law College, BVP New Law College and Balaji Law College.

Students passing after doing course in LLB in Pune have a bright future as just like management graduates who get absorbed in and around Pune only, law students also get hired either by other law firms or by the industries who have a constant demand to cater to their legal section. One can either pursue a post graduate 3 year degree in LLB or a 5 year integrated BA LLB program after passing 10+2. The education sector in Pune has become an industry in itself. With many private players who have forayed into professional education, the market has got very competitive with students being spoilt for choice. There is a plethora of institutes offering varied professional courses from MBA to Engineering, to Law and even new age courses in fields like photography, film production, theater and travel and hospitality. Pune has such a sound education system mainly because of the demand for professional graduates. The absorption rate in the city for the professional course pass outs is also very high as compared to other cities while the education scenario is quite bright and robust.

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