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VoIP: Removing Barriers in Everyday Communications

Having a constant communication with your families, friends and colleagues is pretty much one of the most important things that need to be maintained despite the busy schedule. Whether the reason for calling is personal or business-related, it pays to have that kind of connection where the trust and confidence toward the other person is maintained. That is why more and more services providers have found innovative means to reach pretty much anyone, anywhere, with just a click of a mouse, or a press of a button. Over the years of innovation, developers have finally reached a milestone where calls gets fast and easy to anywhere in the globe by means of internet connection; hence, the birth of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP, explained

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that lets callers make use of the internet as the medium for transferring audio signals from one end to another by converting these signals to digital packets. VoIP has various software or applications where audio, video and even data transmissions are made possible in real-time basis provided an internet connection is present in both parties. With it, the usual hefty charges of placing calls, local or long distance are greatly reduced, if not eliminated, while documents or information are easily passed along without the need to wait for weeks at a time, unlike in the olden times where even huge companies of influential individual make use of snail mails to pass the information.

Residential and Business VoIP

In its most common sense, there is not much of a difference between residential and business VoIP in terms of use, as the application remains pretty much the same. However, in the concept of a residential VoIP, users do not need an elaborate system to configure at home. Telephone lines are directly connected to the modem router for the internet to be readily available. With mobile and computer VoIP applications developed for everyday use, every user in the house who’s connected to the internet can make the calls, whether audio or video, do instant messaging and multiple chat sessions and transfer data using the same VoIP enabled applications. All these services come in different packages provided by different carriers, for just a minimum monthly fee.

Business VoIP, on the other hand, combines the applications and uses of a residential VoIP, but will more applications and functions that are compatible in a business set up. These features include auto attendant, voice process such as call recording, transfer and forwarding, voicemail messaging, interactive voice response (IVR) service call center functionalities that are applicable to medium and large scale industries. VoIP services cover distinct communication requirements of each enterprise units and depending on the service packages available by the VoIP service providers, these services are integrated to the system for optimum use. This way, employees and clients across the globe is pretty much reachable, for no extra charge at all.

Both services, especially in the business set-up, provides great flexibility and savings in communication expenses due to the fact that calls can be made digitally, and users still experience the effect of a normal phone call, minus the hefty charges it entails. For companies that are planning to get the VoIP technology, it is best to find a reliable provider who can supply the requirements in all aspect, install the system and train employees on the simple and complex features. This will ensure that the system is fully utilized, for overall productivity of the company.

About the Author:

Michelle Patterson has been working with telecom companies for over 20 years, and is excited with the new IP/VoIP/Cloud Telephony and other systems flooding the market. She has been invited by many companies to see their products and love sharing the knowledge and experience with the world.



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