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How to Detect and Remove Keyboard Recorders

The internet has made it much convenient to undergo various tasks. Unfortunately, this alsoincludes cybercrimes and unethical spying. There are various tools that can be used by hackers to access and exploit your personal information.
The spy software are quite user-friendly and widely available over the internet. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use them to spy on your computer activities and obtain sensitive personal information. Hence, it is important to keep an eye out for such software and immediately remove them from your computer to alleviate damage.

One such spying tools is the Keyboard recorder. A keyboard recorder or keylogger records all the keys that a computer user strikes on a computer keyboard. Keyboard recorders can log passwords, private chat conversations, email content and all other information that a user enters into a computer using a keyboard, usually without their knowledge. The hacker can view all the logs via an online account.

How Can Keyboard Recorders be Installed?

There are hardware and software keyboard recorders. Hardware keyboard recorders track
keyboard strokes by attaching a tiny device on the chord that connects the keyboard. Hardware keyboard recorders are easy to spot and remove. The detection of software keyloggers, on the other hand, can be tricky. The software keylogger is installed on the operating system of the computer. This can be downloaded and installed by anyone with physical access to your computer. Such spyware can also be transmitted through emails.

How to Prevent, Detect and Remove Keyboard Recorders From Your Computer

  1. Never open a suspicious link

    Keyloggers are remotely transmitted through links via emails and pop-ups on screen. Stay on guard against such malicious links. Never open an email or a link from a suspicious source. Clicking these links can turn your computer into a tracking device.

  2. Check for hardware keyboard recorders

    Check your system for hardware keyboard recorders. These are usually USBs attached to your computer. The keyboard chord should be directly connected to the computer. If there is any device connected between the keyboard and the computer, remove it. It is probably a keyboard recorder.

  3. Keep track of programs list in Add/Remove Programs

    The Add/Remove Programs icon in the control panel shows a list of installed programs. Open it and look through the list. If there are any keyboard recorders on the list, remove and uninstall them. Frequently, check this list for installed spyware.

  4. Check the Task Manager for running processes

    Press the “Control”, “Alt” and “Delete” keys at the same time and open your Task Manager. The Task Manager would show you the list of all the running processes. Look through the options and see if any application appears to be a stealth keylogger. Select it and then click “End Task”. Do this from time to time to check against spyware threats.

  5. Perform a spyware Scan

    Many advanced keyloggers might not show themselves in the Task Manager or the Add/Remove Programs list. A spyware scan can help detect such spy apps. Use the spyware removal tool to perform a scan to check your computer for keyboard loggers. Remove any identified threats.

  6. Perform an anti-virus scan

    Spy apps that are not detected in spyware scans might be identified through anti-virus software. Scan your system regularly with anti-virus software to identify and remove any keyloggers installed. Also, make sure that you download and install a reputable security app since malware is often disguised as anti-virus software.

A keylogger and other spy software can be detected and removed if a user is vigilant enough. However, prevention is always the best solution. Exercise caution over what you click on the internet and avoid the problem in the first place. Also, keep a check on who accesses your device and how they use it.

This is a guest post by Jessica Carol about the steps to detect and remove keyloggers from a computer. To write guest posts for us, visit the link below.TOS to Accept Guest Posts


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