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Oregon Student Loans - A Novel Solution

A recent survey has put forward the bare facts on the Oregon student loan crisis still haunting students in spite of the fact that graduates passing out from Oregon State University now have an earning potential of around $45000 at entry level while those at their mid career level have an average salary of about $86000Extensive survey and gainful thoughts have been put in to give birth to a novel student loan reform through finding an ultimate solution to end the crisis.

The novel idea

It is through a unique approach by The University of Oregon that a novel solution has been proposed to help incoming students of any of the 7 public universities in Oregon to bear the burden of any student loan and thereby bypassing the clutches of money lenders. The program proposed by the University suggests that all new entrants to any of the public university of Oregon will be entitled to free tuition fee throughout the years in college until passing out and getting a job, in lieu of paying the university 3% of their take home salary. This amount will be payable for 24 years which will also cover the cost of higher education while contributing to this fund.

Advantages for school students

It is through this funding program that students who are still in school are able to attend college classes on the condition that they pay back the college tuition fees after graduation from their salary. For those who are unsuccessful in getting their graduation a smaller percentage is proposed to be paid out of their salary which is calculated upon the tenure spent in college.

Is the project sensible?

After meticulous calculations, an amount of $9 billion is proposed to be the initial investment for the first 24 years after which this fund is expected to be self supporting. It is for this viable reason that the proposal has been mooted as a sensible one.

Benefits of students enrolling for this program

One of the biggest benefits for students is that they are not over burdened from debts and with repayment terms being calculated on the salary received, they get the benefit in case they have a meager income. This program also proposes that those becoming disabled permanently or are under employed or unemployed are not required to pay back the tuition fees. Those who are graduates from low and middle income groups stand to gain most from this Oregon Student Loans program because they are able to enjoy the benefits of this program. By proper implementation of Student Loan Limits, we can avoid the hard threats of student loan repayment traps.

This program has ushered in a golden opportunity for students belonging to low income group to get access to top educational facilities. Who knows that due to implementation of this program a prodigy may come through from the financially constrained class of people?

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