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Improving Your Home Security By Fire Alarm

A fire can cause an incredible amount of damage to a property. The damage that can be caused to the person and the potential loss of life that can ensue is even more dangerous. However, fires can be prepared for even though they can not necessarily be prevented unlike floods or tornadoes which cannot be prepared for. Smoke and heat detectors which are in proper working order ensure that the occupants of the residence of a potential fire that could be happening. Fire extinguishers placed strategically can help stop small issues from becoming big ones. Those aren’t enough though and installing a fire alarm system takes the security measures in the house a step further.

A smoke detector and a fire alarm are different in how they monitor your home. The differences are much like how security alarm systems and burglar alarms differ. Fire alarm systems are watched twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by a monitoring service. When an issue comes up, regardless of the time of day, the monitoring agency notifies the fire department to react to the incident and ensure that there is minimal damage to life or property.

  1. Purchasing a Fire Alarm System

    Top of the line fire alarms which are used in commercial and industrial spaces are usually expensive enough to not be practical for the regular home owner. However, if you choose to forego some of the extravagant features that you would find in those systems then there are plenty of alarm systems which can be bought on a budget. For example, the smaller features such as exit signs and more extravagant ones such as sprinkler systems can be discarded. They are not essential for a home and drive the price of an alarm system higher. The payment to the monitoring service is generally the most expensive part of the alarm system but it is also the most useful part.

  2. Fire Alarm System Installation

    Different manufacturers will have different procedures for installation. Certain companies will make it mandatory for their systems to be installed by their own technicians. This is to ensure that the systems are installed as per their own specifications. Certain companies may leave the installation to third parties.

  3. Save Money On Insurance

    Even though monitoring services will have to be paid at the end of each month in order for you to have a working and efficient alarm system, you will be able to save some money every month. A direct link to the fire department is a factor that insurance companies consider when they calculate the cost to insure a home.

The insurance company will feel more secure if it knows that in the event of a fire, fire departments are close and easy to contact. This is also true for home security systems as they protect the home decor and the installations inside a house better than standard burglar systems. Thus, you may be able to get substantial rebates and discounts on your home’s fire insurance with a modern and connected fire alarm system. Check with insurance companies to see what discounts they are ready to give and what fire alarms qualify for these discounts.


Will Taylor is a freelance writer who writes on home security. Will has worked in the home security industry for over two decades and his experience in protecting home decor from natural as well as social intrusions have been sought after by many homeowners. Contact Will for advice on home security and how you can make your home safer.


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