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Should You Get Dental Implants or Dentures for Your Missing Teeth?

We only have one chance to grow our teeth. Well, two if you consider milk teeth as well. Once our milk teeth falls off, our permanent teeth replaces them. When our second set of teeth is gone, that's it. No more teeth will grow out of that. Since we need our teeth to eat what we want, we'll need to replace that missing tooth with something artificial.

With that, two things come to mind. The first is the old-school dentures, which is worn by putting them in one's mouth. Dentures can hold a whole set of upper or lower teeth or support just a few. Most times, dentures are tailored for those who have missing front teeth and are looking to improve their bite.

The second source of artificial teeth is dental implants. Unlike most dentures, which can be removed when sleeping or for cleaning, dental implants are a little more permanent. Procedures for dental implants involve providing a base on your jaw, where the false tooth will be affixed to.

So which one is the better choice? Let's explore the pros and cons.

Denture Pros

As mentioned above, dentures are removable. If you've been wearing the dentures for far too long that it starts getting uncomfortable, you can remove them. After some getting used to, they are actually quite comfortable. They're pretty easy to maintain, too. Dentures can be used by anyone that needs to fill a missing tooth or two. If you have weak gums and thus are not qualified to get a dental implant, dentures will not give you any trouble.

Compared to implants, dentures are far cheaper. They are also typically covered in various dental insurance plans, but often with a limit for replacements.

Denture Cons

While resilient, dentures do not last. Even if it's still in pristine condition after several years, you may need to replace it because your jaw, mouth, and teeth would have undergone changes by then.

If your dentures aren't fitted properly, it can cause harm to your real teeth. This also goes for when you aren't cleaning your dentures regularly.

Dental Implant Pros

Implants have all the pros of dentures. The difference is that it can be permanent as long as you properly take care of it. When it comes to cleaning, it's as simple as brushing your teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth, a single base can be fitted with multiple false teeth.

Dental Implant Cons

While implants are much better in quality overall, it doesn't come without a cost –literally. It's a lot more expensive than dentures and they may not be covered by dental insurance. Ask your insurance provider about this just to make sure.

Also, dental implants are not for everyone. As it installs a base for a false tooth in the jaw, it is not recommended for those who have weak gums or have healing trouble. Also, brushing the false tooth along with real teeth is its basic form of cleaning. Those who are unable to do so, perhaps due to arthritis for instance, shouldn't take implants.

While dental implants are "the future," dentures are by no means obsolete. Choosing one over the other should depend on your circumstances. For instance, if you'd rather use dental insurance, then dentures are the way to go. If you have healthy gums and would prefer a single false tooth to replace your missing one, then go for implants if you are willing to invest in it.

Author's Bio:

Isabella Johnson is a freelance writer specializing in dental health and orthodontics. She has worked as a dental assistant for many years in various clinics and hospitals in Victoria Australia. She currently writes for various dental clinics, one of which is My Dental Implants, which is one of the leading clinics of dentist in Melbourne.


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