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Unleashing Newly Launched Eco Cars With Advanced Driving Technology

Auto industry is incorporating the latest technology in the cars that they are producing. With innovation cars are being built for entertainment and safety.The vehicles are being built with new technology in order to keep us safe. Cutting edge features are being added to the cars and steps are being taken to increase their performance. Car buffs are on the lookout for recent cars that have been launched in the market this year. Some of them are eagerly anticipating the lunch of few highly advanced models. This briefing will introduce the new cars which are scheduled for launch in 2014.

From Jaguar and Mercedes

Here are some details about two new cars. Jaguar F-Type coupe’s new model was introduced in the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is a performance focused convertible vehicle which will soon go on sale. The car promises agile handling and superior performance. It is one of the most well-designed new generation cars. The gorgeous car has increased power output. It is the perfect sports car which can reach 100kmph mark in 4.3 seconds. The tapering windows and the side glass add to the gorgeous look of the car. Another car which needs mention is the Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe which made its debut at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013. The classic design and the hood have added to the aggressive appeal of the car. The stereo camera of the car can detect the road surfaces and make adjustments in the propulsion likewise. The chic interiors of the car are another big attraction.

Mini and Porche Macan

Cheaper versions of Mini will be introduced in the Spring this year. It is scheduled for sale in the month of March. Engineers have adopted recent technology to improve the ride which is offered by the car. The boot space of the new version is larger. The rear seats can be easily tilted to increase the luggage space or increase the space for passengers. Car enthusiasts are on the lookout for Porche Macan. The car makers feel that the car will be on high demand. The performance of the car and the luxury are two main features which will attract car buyers. It is the perfect car for country roads. The front occupants of the car can use the electrically-adjustable seats. If you are wondering who will buy my car make your deal well in advance before your dream vehicle makes its debut. The front occupants of the car can use the electrically-adjustable seats.

Ride in comfort

Nissan Qashquai will be available to the buyers in 2014. This year the sale of the car is expected to be over 40,000. The new model of the car is wider, lower and longer. Nissan has put in large efforts to reduce the emissions that take place through the vehicle. They have aimed at lowering the engine noise. This version of Nissan offers greater grip in rural areas. Driving is made easier in the snowy conditions. The boot storage of the car is better. The car is an ideal choice for long-distance traveling.

Traditional and impressive

Mercedes Benz C-class will appear in the showrooms in the month of June this year. The fuel consumption of the car is lesser than its predecessors. The touch-pad control panel can be used by the driver and the front passenger. The front seat is automated with automatic child seat recognition. The care can recognize when a child is seated, and the airbags are controlled accordingly. This overview of the latest cars will help you to pick the right car. Before you decide upon a car, you should evaluate your needs.

Author Bio: Thomas is a car buff who was wondering who will buy my car. He made his used car’s deal well in advance so that he could invest in one of the attest cars.


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