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A Great Chatroom for Your Site - Chatwing

A site is just as efficient as the person who is managing it. As a site owner, you have the responsibility of maintaining your site in tiptop shape as well as keeping it up on the latest trends for your avid viewers. By doing that, your viewers will always take interest in browsing through your site and you will get your steady flow of traffic. And by constantly communicating with them, you can form a bond which will make them like your site more.

This can be done by embedding Chatwing into your site. The chat software is very efficient and is very easy to use. Your viewers will find it very easy and comforting to use. The embedding process is very easy and you’ll be able to complete it within minutes. If you want to know how to do so, then simply follow the guide below.

The First Step – A Chatwing Account

First and foremost, you’ll need a Chatwing account since it will be the one that will hold your chatroom. To register an account, you need to go to Chatwing’s homepage and open the registration form. Fill it up with a valid email and password, check the box below and then submit it to complete the process. There’s no need to reconfirm or validate your email address which means you can start immediately. Now, let’s go to the next stop.
Register for Chatwing

The Second Step – The Chatroom

You are in the Dashboard page right now and this is where you can find your chatrooms – the Chatroom list is where you can find and manage them. You have no chatrooms as of now so you’ll need to create one. Press the Create chatbox button. The page will load up again and you’ll be headed for the next page.
Dashboard features of chatwing

The Third Step – The Customization Page

Pressing the aforementioned button automatically gives you a default chatroom which you are given the option to modify here. In the Customization page, there are three places that you need to take note – the upper panel of controls, the customization tabs just below them and the preview window where you can see the current form of your chatroom.

There are seven customization tabs in all and each includes a specific set of options that will improve the chatroom’s chatting capabilities. The first two tabs, Chatbox and Message, have so many options so they are further divided into tabs. To summarize, these tabs will change the visual appearance of the chatbox and its contents. It is very important that you change the default settings here if you’re aiming to make a unique looking chatbox.

There are other customization options that you can’t use right away. These are the options with the “Purchase feature” button on them. These are Chatwing’s premium features and you’ll need to purchase them via Chatwing coins to make use of them.

As you modify your chatbox, you need to take notes of a few things

  • Press the Save button as you modify the chatroom. This will save your progress and apply the changes on it.
  • You can see the changes take effect on the preview window.

When you’re done customizing and saving, press the Use button to go to the last part.
customize chatwing

The Final Step – Embedding the Chatroom

You’ll be headed to the Embedding Page this time and you’ll get to choose one of the three methods of using the chatroom. The best one for you would be Embedded Options so let’s pick the middle tab.

In here, you can see two scrollbars. These are used to change the size of the chatroom which is shown on the right side of the tab. Remember that the chatroom’s size on the preview will reflect its actual size when it goes up on your site so change it according to your preferences.
Embedded option

After that, look for the chatroom’s HTML codes below. There are two groups here but you’ll only need to choose one. The Javascript codes are the preferred ones so pick them. Now open up your site and locate the part where you want to embed the chatroom.
Embedding pasting

Copy the said codes and paste them into your site. Save your progress and then refresh your site. The chatroom should be there after that and it’s ready for use.

Using the Chatroom

After embedding the chatroom, you can invite your viewers to join in. Inside, you can chat about everything regarding the site. Your chatters can then voice out their questions and concerns regarding the topics inside it and as the site owner, you can comply with their requests. Through the chatroom, you can easily provide customer satisfaction.

The chatroom itself is complimented with a lot of functions like the login methods that allows the use of social media accounts to join in and its rich text features that allows images and videos to be shown or played inside the chatroom. It can even accommodate up to 7000 chatters inside it so you can be sure that there’s always a place for everyone inside. There are more of these and the user can utilize all of them to provide the best chatting experience for his chatters.
login chatwing

If you’re a person who’s always on the move, then you might want to use Chatwing Chat app on Android and access the chatroom via your mobile phone. It’s very easy to use and manage too. Once you’ve installed it, all you need to do is log in using your Chatwing account and type in the name of your chatbox on the search bar. That way, you can monitor your chatroom anywhere and anytime you want.


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