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Top Style Tips to Help Wear Boots Without Falling Prey to a Fashion Disaster

You may have the best clothes in your wardrobe and may have worn the latest collection that a season has to offer but each and every item of your clothing will fail to impress if you haven’t worn the right footwear.Boots are a type of footwear that is adored by women. Not only is it one of the most comfortable footwear to slip your feet into but longer boots can actually help protect you from the gruelling winter months. However, it is also a very common phenomenon to watch women fall into the trap of wearing a completely inappropriate pair of boots that take away the entire beauty of your overall look. Therefore, just as you mull over carefully when buying eternity wedding bands New York, you also need to consider certain factors when contemplating wearing boots. Given below are some excellent tips to help you pair your boots with your clothes to make you look seamlessly flawless.

1. Learn to match your boots with your overall style:

Usually, it is very common for you to mix and match your clothes. You may be having a fair idea as to which shirt would go best with a skirt and the likes. However, the problem arises when you have to pair your clothes with the right boots. However, there is a chunk of the female population that believes that boots can work well with just about everything. This is where you may go wrong. Before you even get down with the shopping for boots, it is important to know and understand what kind of outfit you are planning on wearing. Wearing knee length or longer boots with a long dress can spell disaster. Balancing your overall look is the key to carrying off your boots effortlessly.

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the dress, the longer will the boots be. This is mainly because wearing a long dress with a long pair of boots will only make you look much shorter and gives the impression 0of a poor personality. There needs to be a certain amount of distinction between your torso and your feet, which can be done by wearing your boots appropriately.

2. Shun the boots for any kind of a black tie event:

Usually, when it comes to boots, they generally exude a more casual vibe and therefore, would be completely inappropriate for such high end events. Agreed, your boots may be the best looking but they will hardly manage to garner any kind of appreciation at such events. Instead, opt for a simple pair of court shoes that not only look elegant but will take your overall outfit to the next level. Besides, teaming your outfit with eternity wedding bands New York will add the much needed sparkle to your ensemble.

3. When wearing printed shorts:

Not everyone is comfortable wearing hot shots and therefore, there is a good chunk of the female population who wear shorts that end just slightly above the knees. Wearing knee length boots with such a style can make you look awkward and disastrous, no matter how casual your entire attire is. The situation gets worse when your shorts are printed. Therefore, when wearing knee length or 3/4th pants, it is best to steer clear of knee length boots.

4. Boots for petite women:

Since you have a smaller frame, you may be tempted to wear boots that are chunky and massive to balance it out. However, you need to realize that this will only make you look smaller as the oversized boots will over power the overall outfit. Instead, opt for more feminine boots with sleep lines to add on to your frame.

Author’s bio:

Sheila Kahn is a fashion and jewellery designer and has recently collaborated with a well known fashion icon to come up with an eternity wedding bands New York collection. She is also a fashion blogger and a consultant for a well known fashion brand.


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