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Stand Out From The Crowd By Dressing Fashionably And Creating A Style Statement

Dressing well everyday may be one of your major concerns. If you have the right fashion knowledge it will become easier for you. If you dress well it will give you a sense of confidence and style. Two colors which will never fade out of fashion are white and black. Attires in these colors will always look classy and chic. You can come up with different combinations and mix and matches which will add to the elegance. By dressing uniquely you can set your own style statement. By combining the right colors you can come up with your own personal style .

Establishing a personal style

Do not follow the crowd if you want to create your own personal style. Make sure that the make-up which you choose should complement the dress which you choose for yourself. Find out what you need for the day and the make up for an evening look should be different. Take note of the fact that make-up has a shelf life because of which it needs to be replaced. Some essential which you should have in your wardrobe are a pair of slacks, jeans and a black dress. Matching clothes with neutral colors is easier. Right accessories will complement the attire which you choose for yourself.

Look different and unique

You can be in vogue without burning hole in your pocket. One way in which you can control costs is by buying one piece of luxury label clothing which suits you well. You must go for items which are both comfortable and stylish. Label clothing will make you look stylish. Another way in which you can dress fashionably is by sporting vintage clothing. Regardless of the season you can dress uniquely. Ascertaining the body type is very important before you shell out money on new and trendy clothes.

Dress fashionably during winters

If you want to look stylish and trendy during the cold months it will require both thought and effort. A fashionable winter jacket is a must have for the fashion conscious. You can buy a coat which suits the weather. Opting for neutral colors is the right choice. These coats are stylish and classy. Complete your look with a versatile hat. You can choose across hats which come in different styles and colors. For the windy days you can throw in a scarf. Protect yourself from the winter elements with the scarf. The scarves come in different fabrics, styles and colors. You can consider wearing gloves which go with your outfit in the winter months.

Fashion trends in India

Ethnic wear has gained the spotlight in India. Bright traditional era with bling is the trend today. The spring summer collection includes peplum dresses, maxi dresses and delicate blouses. New fashion ideas from the North-East are making their way to the ramps. Stripes are back in fashion. Both vertical and horizontal stripes which are thin and wide, is a recent fashion trend this season. Sikh kanga is a wooden comb which is used to keep the hair clean and has a religious significance and is carried by the Sikhs in India.

Dress well during summers

The Spring Summer collection this year comprises of bold and floral prints. Both botanical and fruit prints with paisley motifs are going to make a comeback. As you dress fashionably it is important to choose clothes which are comfortable as well. This season it is all about layering. Neutral tones and earthy hues should be your pick. Laces in fresh summer colors will be back in fashion. Be on the lookout for your favorite designers who use innovation and creativity to design the fashionable garments.

Author Bio: Sam Denver is a fashion designer who has planned to launch a line of designer Sikh kanga. He wants to turns this item of religious significance to a fashion accessory.


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