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Planning a House Move

Moving home has been widely recognized as one of the most challenging experiences of a lifetime. However careful planning can make your house move an enjoyable decluttering experience preparing you to move on to a new fresh new life. When one lives in a home for many years it can become stale and mundane, although wrapped in charm and memories. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, perhaps your children have finally flown the nest or you are creating a new nest? Whatever it is, all of us will experience a house move at some point in our lifetimes.

If you have been in your home for many years you more than likely will have a lot of clutter and most of it will no longer be of any use or interest to yourself. Before you prepare move, get rid of the clutter! This will greatly reduce the cost of moving, while also earning you some extra cash to help with your move. Do this before you begin to pack away items so that once complete you know what you will be moving and can plan around this? Gather all of your unwanted items and decide on whether to sell, donate or bin them.

Websites such as EBAY can be a good starting point however, do charge listing fees as well as take commission too. Not all items will sell well so it’s best to do some research on popular items in advance. It is also possible to sell unwanted larger items such as wardrobes and units, possibly on EBAY local or on Gumtree. Other sites such as Music Magpie and Amazon will pay for your old CDs, DVDs and books but generally only take those that are popular and in good condition.

Another alternative is car boot sales and it is generally a good idea to go along to these in advance to check out your market and competition. You will need some form of display table; although not vital it will help to make your items stand out. Car boot sales can be a great place to get rid of old toys, pictures and even household plants that can be difficult to transport to a new home. Remember to clean your items up first so that you can get the best possible price for them. Car boot sales charge a fee and this can sometimes be more that a fiver so you really need to consider the amount of stuff you will be able to sell and also if it will sell. Look to your local newspapers for boot sales near your home.

Remember to consider the weather, you do not want to pay out a fee to take part in a sale and then find yourself in a waterlogged field soaked with no buyers. Once you have sold as much as possible it’s time to whittle down the final unwanted items. Do this by considering what you can create as gifts, what can be donated to charity shops and what really has no better home than the local recycling bins.

Once you have trimmed your household effects down, consider what items you will be able to transport yourself and then plan for the rest. Its time to get some removal quotes. These are easily available online. Many companies are happy to provide a packing service and appropriate packing materials in addition to a removal service. When asking for quotes be honest and realistic about ALL the items you would like moved, it’s better to know full costs in advance rather than face further costs and inconveniences at a later date.

Bio: Christine is blogger and copywriter, who loves traveling, reading and dealing with all kinds of home maintenance projects. Her present article is focused on moving home issues solving ideas. Read more helpful info for successful home deeds at: man with van North London movers


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