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How to Choose the Right Handyman?

Choosing a handyman was once a simple task, but as competition has increased so has the difficulty in finding one that’s suitable. Odds you have flicked through every page in the Yellow Pages and searched Google for hours on end, and had little to no joy. When it comes down to it you will end up choosing one that has the best reviews, but it isn’t quite as simple as that. Before you select a new handyman, be sure to ask them the following questions.

How long have they been a handyman for?

Experience can often have a direct relation to quality of work; as getting continuous work in such a competitive field isn’t easy. Ask how long the individual has been a handyman for to get a grasp on how experienced in the field they are. In some cases, an individual may have transferred into a handyman role from another field, so enquire about what they were doing prior to this as well. Remember, a handyman shouldn’t have anything to hide, so always insist on full disclosure.

Are you local?

You may have searched far and wide for the perfect handyman, but if they aren’t local then they are of little to no use. When an emergency strikes the last thing you need is your handyman facing a 60-mile round trip and getting stuck in motorway gridlock. If you can, always do your best to go local, so you can actually have a handyman that is on hand when you need them. In some cases locality will trump quality when looking for a handyman.

What do your clients say?

Client reviews are a huge part of what makes up the credentials of a handyman. Look at everything from Yelp to Checkatarde to get a view of how your handyman is seen both in the local and trade communities. Real people generally upload these reviews, but from time a malicious one may make it through to publication. That is why that even though they are important to pay attention to, don’t take any reviews you read as gospel.

Are you insured?

Any handyman who signs an official contract with a property or organisation should be insured. Even the very best handymen have made mistakes in the past and things can go wrong. Speak with any potential new handyman about the coverage they have. Always remember that they are breaking the law if they tell you they have insurance when they don’t. If you hire an uninsured handyman you are putting both the building and yourself at a financial and possibly physical risk.

Do you have a website?

People are no longer spending their time trawling through business cards in order to find the tradesman they need. Nowadays handymen up and down the land need to be adopting a more modern approach to business. Ask if they have a website you can look at, or maybe even a Facebook or LinkedIn page. If your handyman isn’t online this might be because they aren’t up on the latest technology, or that they simply don’t want to be found.

What are your rates?

Rates change from job to job and handyman to handyman, meaning that it is important to get to grips with the costs involved when hiring. Write down a list of common tasks and get ballpark figures on what they would charge for such. If the prices are out of your budget, then don’t be afraid to address the subject of negotiation. You should also never be afraid to move onto another handyman should you feel that the costs mentioned are too expensive.

Bio: Christine is a professional blogger who is engaged in organizing her household and raising her 2 kids. She has extensive experience in writing about different matters related to home maintenance and household removals. Currently she is sharing useful advises about hiring handy man.


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