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The Latest Colour Trends You Need to Know

There’s no better place to look for style inspiration than London Fashion Week, and September’s SS15 showcase was full
of bold prints and clashing colours to give us something to look forward to during the darker months.

In the meantime, you might look to Pantone – the global authority on colour – and their annual fashion colour report for ideas. While such an announcement may seem a little trivial, it seems that this year in particular the designers have taken note: the catwalks and collections are bursting with royal purple, exotic red, bright cobalt blue and autumnal cognac brown.

So get in with the fashion pack and prove your style credentials, as we present you with our roundup of the colours you need to be seen in this (and next) season:


2014’s ‘Colour of the Year’ Radiant Orchid, described as “A captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm”, certainly worked its magic on London, as various purples floated down the catwalks and mesmerised audiences. As winter runs into spring, indigo and violet will be the shades of choice, with Burberry’s cropped purple jacket and Christopher Kane’s ‘back to school’ colour palette adding a youthful reflectiveness to this typically sophisticated hue.

How to wear it: Go for rich, bright shades and shun pastel – and layer berry hues in one outfit for an edgy look. As winter turns to spring, consider turning to purple as you adopt the sheer and lace trends coming in.


Grown-up red featured heavily in Pantone’s report for Fall 2014, ‘sangria’ and ‘aurora’ two sophisticated shades noted for evoking “A sense of glamorous adventures and faraway destinations”. This sense of exoticism was echoed on the LFW runway, with Simone Rocha’s rich red hues exuding Italian glamour, while the likes of Henry Holland and Matthew Williamson channelled hippie-chic in brazen red and Balinese floral prints. Indeed, red looks set to be the colour of A/W 14/15, and could even displace pink as the colour of spring/summer 2015.

How to wear it: Make like the models from Burberry with deep ruby red lips, or pair red clothes with black and white for a bold twist on classic monochrome. Whatever you do, look after your deeply hued clothes by washing them properly. Refer to laundry tips online to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep the colour bright – laundry detergent sites will usually offer you reliable advice.


According to Pantone, the slight green undertone of bright cobalt blue “Offers a subtle twist on the traditional cobalt blue” – but the blue on display at LFW was nothing like subtle. Roksanda Ilincic clashed eye-popping blue with orange and pink, while turquoise pockets adorned the khaki coats of Hunter’s first SS15 collection. British supermodel Jourdan Dunn also showed us how to rock the hue, pairing a matching quilted powder blue jacket and skirt with a simple white tee.

How to wear it: We’re seeing a lot of cobalt eye shadow around, so opt for a bold swipe if you’re feeling brave. Even braver are the blue-green (“must never be seen”) combos over at Ermanno Scervino for SS15. To play it safe and still up the ante, go for an all-blue outfit.


Giving a nod to Pantone’s sumptuous Cognac, eveningwear will continue the barely-there trend with pretty nude fabrics and reveal/conceal dresses. Model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne brought the curtain down for Topshop Unique in a feminine sheer, nude dress whereas Margaret Howell accentuated her neutral palette with boxy silhouettes and natural, earthy materials. So, from the soft see-through pleats of Toga to the bondage-style mesh of Tom Ford, dare-to-bare and you’re sure to win style points and turn heads wherever you go.

How to wear it: The beautiful thing about nude is that it can seem demure and sexy at the same time; try balancing slinky sheer nude with a below-the-knee cut. If you go the normcore route, make sure your face is as nude as your clothing to complete the look. As with all pale fabrics, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for stains on nude clothes – just look them over before you pop them in the laundry, as a hot wash can set things like lipstick forever.


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