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Top 10 wonders of technological worlds

Man is an important invention in God’s creature. He is growing sky high in technology. The entire world has shrink and people can communicate between one another easily. Following is the important 10 wonders of technical world in terms of communication. Let us list out them.

  1. First wonder is evergreen Internet, which is helpful to communicate and share information all over the world. It is the new library of Alexandria. Our day to life heavily relies on Internet starting from information gathering, shopping, news and communication. It is the cheap and best connecting medium between people of any country. Because of its importance, it has gained its popularity, though computers are required for Internet. It is opened to commercial interests in 1985. Day to day life of an individual drastically getting changed in internet era as whatever they want it can be searched and obtained via internet.

  2. Second wonder is computer and it is useful in each and every stage of human life including medicine, science, entertainment etc., Pioneer in invention of computer is Charles Babbage in 1837. Later on, it got transformed into different forms.

  3. Third wonder is Lasers, which are nothing but solution looking for a problem. It has astonishing impact in medical field and they have revolutionary surgery and we can restore eyesight itself. They were invented in 1960.

  4. Fourth wonder is Hubble Space Telescope, which got launched in 1990 and from there onwards; it is one of the significant instruments in history of astronomy. It has enabled incredible discoveries about our universe.

  5. Fifth wonder is Linux, which provided an entry to the open source software. It is the first operating system, which has been designed by many people without looking face to face, and it has competed with giants in industry due to open source, low cost, multi tasking, network friendliness, security and flexibility etc.,

  6. Sixth wonder is International Space station, which is collaboration between countries namely United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, and many European nations. It has brought a concept like all can work peacefully and share their knowledge in the field science.

  7. Seventh wonder is iPod, which is the ultimate entertainer in the era. A big thanks goes to Apple Corporation. It is the first portable digital music device.

  8. Eighth wonder is Artificial Pacemaker, which is nothing, but a medical device used to regulate the beating of heart. J A McWilliam discovered it in 1899. It is the best invention in techno medical field.

  9. Ninth wonder is Bluetooth, which is an open wireless technology for exchanging data from fixed and mobile devices and thus creates Personal Area Network. Ericson discovers it in 1994.

  10. Tenth wonder is Manmade Satellite It is the wireless receiver or transmitter that is launched by rocket, which revolves around the planet in elliptical or circular path. This is used for weather forecasting, Internet communication, Global positioning system and many others. The first artificial manmade satellite has been launched by Russia in 1950.


Human’s intelligence has paved the way to discover amazing wonders in the latest technology world. In order to overcome the necessity, huge wonders have been made. Positive utilization of the above said wonders will help to discover further more things. As like its advantage, it has its own disadvantage as well. By understanding the disadvantages, we should be cautious enough to overcome the dangers. Human intelligence created many inventions and let’s use them for our benefit and progress.

About the author: Alia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. She recently bought some Jewellery. These days she is busy to write an article on Rice


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