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Ten Father's Day Date Ideas for Fitness and Fun

If you gave or made your mom something on Mother's Day, it's time to give back to dad. Dads also want to spend time with their family. They aren't as affectionate as your mom, but they love you just the same.

It's time for you to reciprocate the attention and care they need. Whether it's spending a day at lush golf courses Philippines, the archery range, or the park, your daddy is happy to spend time with you.

Below are some Father's Day date ideas to try this 2018. All of them are perfect for families who prioritize fitness and fun.

  1. Hit some golf balls

    Golfing is a fun, underrated outdoor activity most dads love to explore. You can bring your dad to check out several golf courses Philippines to hit some balls and soak up the sun. Riding and walking together gives you time to catch up on individual work and family life. Be sure to play the same tees for a relaxed pace. Don't forget to praise his good shots especially when it's no-arthritis day.

  2. Sign up for an improve class

    Funny dads will love the idea. It's unexpected, engaging, and a fun creative outlet. The acting assignments, unpredictable situations, and different acting partners expose him to a new environment. The unfamiliarity breaks the monotony of his daily life. Bring the rest of the family to uncover your hidden talents.

  3. Visit the local science center

    Checking out the Planetarium or museum of science involves a lot of walking. Some exhibitions are interactive. They have puzzles and other displays you must figure out as a team. If your pops are into nerdy science stuff, he will enjoy moving from one collection to another.

  4. Become Katniss Everdeen for a day

    Invite him to the archery range. Shooting those targets is one way to release pent-up aggression. It's also a treat for fathers who use to hunt as a family tradition. You can challenge each member of the family in a mini competition. May the best archer win!

  5. Shoot paintballs or laser tag

    If you want to encourage your dad to get off the couch, you must go for activities encouraging movement. Playing paintball or laser tag is one way to have fun and sweat at the same time. The game is action-packed. It involves crouching, jumping, running, and rolling to get away from opponents. If shooting paintball is too much of a mess, go for laser tag instead.

  6. Hike for a panoramic view

    Prepare your hiking boots, extra towels, and large jugs of water to reach the summit of a hill or mountain. There are several beginner trails if it's your first time hiking. Research and plan your destination before marking the date. Bring some snacks, a few juices, and your camera to capture the unforgettable moment.

  7. Picnic by the lake

    Recreate the old days of mom and dad when romantic gestures were all the rage. Start off by rowing a boat in the lake. You can bring your bikes, balls or frisbee for some family bonding. For the picnic, fill a basket with homemade goods, sandwiches, sliced fresh fruits, and other nibbles. Bring a small piece of dessert to complement your sweet gesture. Don't forget to bring a lamp and some insect repelling device for when the sun starts to set.

  8. Surfing or stand-up paddleboarding

    Head to the beach to enjoy some much-needed time under the sun. Warn up your muscles before facing strong, gigantic waves. Test your balance by taking surfing classes. You can also try standing paddleboard. He will feel the vigor of his youth once he sees what he is capable of doing it.

  9. Charity marathons, triathlons or color runs

    Running for a cause is not only fun. It tests your limits and challenges you to become better. Joining charity marathon and triathlons improves overall strength, endurance, and stamina. It's also a way to help those in need. If you want variety from the usual marathon setting, you can bring your dad to a color run.

  10. Try rock climbing

    Rappelling in the air and hoisting yourself up is no easy feat. Invite your dad and the rest of the family to try it on a local rock climbing gym. You can practice climbing low heights without a rope. If you're going for high ones, you need a cable attached. Rock climbing is a skill you can master which you can through consistent practice.

Your dad deserves a new experience on his special. Treat him to any of these activities to strengthen your family ties. The combination of fitness and will make Father's Day unforgettable.


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