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Why A Course on Editing is a Good Start for Wannabe Writers

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a writer for some time but you don’t know where to begin, taking a course from industry professionals can be a big help to get you started. If you can study another person’s writing that you know is a good writer, then you can learn to become like them. One of the things that every good writer knows is that you need to be able to edit properly in order to succeed. There are many reasons why editing is so important to a writer, but in order to hone your skills as a writer, you also need to hone your skills as an editor too.
  1. Boost your credibility When most people try to edit a piece of writing, the first thing they do is proofread the work to make sure there are no obvious spelling and grammar issues. This is extremely important because the reader needs to be able to trust that you know what you are writing about. If you can’t master basic spelling and grammar, then the reader won’t be able to trust that you know anything about what you’re writing, and thus the integrity of your work will be diminished. However, these issues can be easily fixed can be easily fixed with a basic proofread, which can take your work to the next level through a simple edit.

  2. Learn to fix your mistakes If you can learn how to successfully edit your work, then essentially you can learn how to improve your work when it needs it. Nobody writes a perfect draft on the first try, so it is always important to learn to go over your work after you’ve written it. This means not only checking your spelling and grammar, but also making sure that everything makes sense and that there is continuity in your story or piece that you are writing. In order for you to progress as a writer, you have to learn from your mistakes and be able to fix them, and this is often achieved through editing, either by yourself or someone else who is impartial to the work.
  3. Communicate with the reader – Something that editing often helps writers with is their ability to communicate with their readers. When in the middle of writing a piece, writers can tend to either go off on a tangent or miscommunicate a point that they are trying to get across to the reader. Sometimes when you go over your own work, you might not see any issues with what you’ve written, but the reader may not understand what it is you are trying to say. Understanding your audience and how they will respond your text is extremely important for writers and being able to edit a piece from the perspective of a reader is a good way for writers to fix any miscommunications that may occur.

  4. Finding balance in your piece – Editing a piece can also help make sure that everything is balanced, structured and works well together. Making basic changes to the work to suit your style and tone is extremely important, because if these elements of the work are not conveyed throughout the piece properly, then the work can fall flat. Going over your intention and where you want to go with the work when you are editing also a good idea, because it helps you to get back to what you are trying to say through your writing. Changing a few words here or there to suit your overall style and tone, as well as structuring the text in the best way possible, can help lift your piece and make the work a lot better. Knowing what to look for when editing your piece can make an already good piece of work, into a great piece of work through a couple of small changes.

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